GSY Specialty Workshop ❧ Association of Hanna Somatic Education Annual Convention, Novato, CA, USA, April 20, 2018

April 20, 2018

10:45 - 12:15

101 San Antonio Rd., Novato, CA 94952 USA


Integrating and Liberating the Whole Self through Mindful Movement

During this 1½-hour workshop, James Knight, founder of GSY, will engage you in exploring efficient postural alignment, generative gait, and somatic movement flows to free the body from head to toe.  James invites you to consider that what may seemingly pose as bodily limitations are, in actuality, a threshold for you to experience something greater. The question becomes, “Am I ready for deeper and more pleasurable experiences in my life?”
Come and discover for yourself why Gentle Somatic Yoga® is becoming so popular worldwide! In terms of its capacity to nourish, liberate and enhance the vitality of the Soma, GSY is an adaptogenic movement art practice with unlimited potential for erasing sensory motor amnesia. It will meet you where you are currently, and guide you into ever-expanding states of well-being, freedom and joy. Each time you practice GSY, you will experience greater aliveness, freedom and creativity. These qualities will then spill out and transform every facet of your experience as a living, breathing, sensing, moving Soma.

This event is based on James’ bestselling DVDs and Workbook.
To register for this event click HERE*.  
*As of 12/11/2017 the AHSE website has not been updated with event details. Please check back soon to register. 

Visit James’ YouTube channel

GSY Workshop ~ SAN DIEGO, CA, USA ~ JANUARY 14, 2018

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