Photo Gallery – Past GSY Workshops and Events

It is such an incredible feeling to be so well received everywhere I travel. The Canadians always make me feel like part of the family. Thank you Moksha Yoga, The Path, Yum Yoga, Breathing Mind Body Studio, Gwen Siciliano, and Lindsay Collins for hosting me and blasting my heart wide open! :) James

Feeling deep gratitude for David Fleming, Amanda Franklin, Tara Sellars, Tanya Fitzpatrick, and all the yoga communities I shared Gentle Somatic Yoga with in 2017. Looking forward to learning and growing in community for years to come!

This was my first GSY Tour the the UK. I was so touched by the love and support from everyone I met. Everyone was engaging and appreciative of the work. I am looking forward to going back!

This was my first time to Wales. The countryside was stunning. I enjoyed the local people, history, and culture. Maria Zervas, my hostess & GSY Practitioner, and her yoga community were incredibly gracious and generous.

Being in Dublin (and the countryside) was breathtaking. Lisa Peterson, Janis, and Amanda Collins, my hosts', were very generous to share their yoga community, friends, and family with me. An unforgettable experience. (Michele Ross was the bonus surprise!)

I used to live in Vancouver 20 years ago... boy does it feel good to be back! What a fantastic city and the community at Maa Yoga were especially open and receptive to learn GSY. A special thank you to Farhad Khan and Lindsay Collins. All Love, J

Gentle Somatic Yoga Workshop translated in Spanish by Casa de Aqua yoga studio owner Araminta Ortiz.

The first few photographs were taken on Vancouver and Cortes Island, BC, Canada. Monica Crane from Breathing Space Mind/Body Studio invited me to teach a series of workshops in 2015. It continues to be a tradition to this day. :)

These photos were taken in a variety of venues (classes and workshops in yoga studios, corporate wellness settings, and healing centers around the world) over the span of 25 years. As of 2016, GSY is gaining worldwide recognition and continues to evolve and expand with new events, in-person and online teacher certifications, and other programs.

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