100-Hour Online Advanced Study Program

with Add-on Certification Option

Online Advanced Study Training with James Knight, E-RYT, CHSE

Three GSY online Advanced Study courses are now offered, or will soon be offered (see first 3 thumbnails below). Receive a 20% discount off the purchase price when you register for the full 100-Hour Online Program, consisting of all three courses together (see 4th thumbnail below).


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Explore this Life-Enhancing Curriculum that you won’t find anywhere else!

The GSY Practitioner Level 1 and GSY Practitioner Level 2 online Advanced Study courses are now available. The  GSY Teacher Level 3 online course is anticipated to launch in late 2020. The tuition cost for Online Level 1 is $645, Level 2 is $645, and Level 3 is $745. The tuition cost for the complete 100-Hour Program, including the 20% discount, is $1,628 (a savings of $407). These prices do not reflect the optional Add-on Certification. Certification option must be purchased for each level separately.


Who would benefit taking this online Program?

The Gentle Somatic Yoga Advanced Study Program is designed for EVERY Body – from the lay person looking to empower their self-care, to the highly-experienced Movement Educator looking to enhance the leading edge of their skill set.

Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY) attracts a wide variety of movement experts including yoga teachers, body-workers, dance teachers, occupational therapists, as well as other health care professionals who would like to expand their scope of practice to include a more therapeutic approach to mindful movement. Upon successful completion of the Program, you will be qualified to integrate 70+ Somatic Movement Flows® (SMFs) into your classes and/or private practice to ensure remarkable results while expanding your specialty niche.

With that in mind, however, it is not necessary to be a movement educator in order to benefit from what these courses offer. They are open and available to ANY and EVERYONE interested in empowering themselves with skills to enhance their health and well-being.


What Type of Learning Platform does the Program’s Courses consist of?

The GSY Pracitioner Levels 1 and 2 and GSY Teacher Level 3 online courses are designed as follows:

  • Course Content – Course materials consist of both Somatic Movement Flow videos with accompanying step-by-step illustrated instructional handouts, and supplemental videos, a majority of which also have downloadable illustrated handouts. We strongly encourage students to print and retain copies of those, and create a Reference Manual for their personal use.
  • Supplemental Videos
    ▪ Detailed presentations by James explaining the neuroscience, history, philosophy and methodology of GSY.
    ▪ Full-length classes of James teaching, intended to inspire how SMFs are selected and sequenced for home practices and/or classes & workshops.
    ▪ Samplings of student practice sessions captured during in-person courses. This is purposeful in demonstrating how GSY can be personally translated and interpreted by each practitioner regardless of age or skill level.
  • Somatic Movement Flow Videos – Demonstrations by James and GSY Faculty of the courses’ 70+ individual, stand-alone SMFs, including expanded detailed explanations, with emphasis on the latest modifications and enhancements.
  • Instruction Style – The courses are Self-paced as opposed to Instructor-paced. Self-paced instruction proceeds based on learner response. As such, these courses do not follow a set schedule. All of the course materials are available as soon as the course begins, and the courses are constructed in such a way that the student proceeds from one topic or unit to the next at their own speed. Also, assignments and exams do not have due dates. 
  • Course Term – Self-paced. On average it can take six months to complete each of the Program’s Advanced Study courses (L1, L2, & L3)

Of special note: one of the main tenets ascribed to GSY is that of it being a dynamically evolving practice. This means that modifications and enhancements to its method are inherent in its future.

We are absolutely 100% committed to the success of our students, and we wholeheartedly support their success from the moment they enroll, onward. To that end, there is also a continuing education forum of certified GSY teachers that students are invited to join once certified. In this forum, James and his colleagues share ideas and innovations, along with the latest greatest tips, modifications, and enhancements to the Somatic Movement Flows. Outside of that, James and his Team here at GSY are always happy to respond to questions and commentary, and we encourage student engagement, feedback and input. 


Add-on Certification Option

After you have successfully completed a GSY Advanced Study Training Course (GSY Practitioner Levels 1, 2, & 3) you receive a GSY Certificate Of Completion demonstrating your commitment to the art and science of Gentle Somatic Yoga®. Additionally, you have the opportunity to go the extra mile and become a Certified Practitioner of Gentle Somatic Yoga by purchasing the Certification Option and passing the certification’s Final Teachback requirement.*

This is done by submitting a Final Teachback video (full instructions HERE). Your teachback video will then be evaluated by our Certification Staff, after which you will receive a detailed report card with personal feedback. Once certified, you will be acknowledged with a GSY Practitioner Certificate as having demonstrated your competence and skill for providing Gentle Somatic Yoga in an official capacity, either one-on-one or in a group setting, as part of your professional instruction service(s).

Each Course (GSY L1, L2, & L3) has it’s own Certification and has to be purchased separately. To purchase Certification Option and more info click HERE.

*Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Advanced Study training for its certification level is required. For example, you must have successfully completed GSY Practitioner Level 1 Advanced Study in order to be eligible for GSY Practitioner Level 1 certification. The certification option must be purchased separately for each Level completed and you can choose this option at a later date.

How Can I Apply My Education And Certification?

  • Expand your scope of practice by teaching customizable Gentle Somatic Yoga classes to your population. Have the option for designing targeted classes based on your student and client needs.
  • Experienced yoga teachers and movement educators can develop advanced classes and workshops to support the next step in movement as a healing art for their students. Apply the principles of Gentle Somatic Yoga and provide workshops and programs to help with common physical conditions such as neck and shoulder tension, chronic back pain, tight hips and hamstrings. If you are already working with specialty populations, Gentle Somatic Yoga will distinguish your expertise in the field.
  • If you are a teacher/educator looking to address a niche demographic such as the desk worker, Senior, beginning yoga students, plus sizes, pregnancy, cancer survivors, PTSD/trauma, etc., this practice is a terrific way to establish yourself as a specialist in the field.
  • Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, and other practitioners can teach stand-alone Somatic Movement Flows to their clients and patients. The new skill set you will learn through this Gentle Somatic Yoga training will dramatically advance all therapeutic and healing processes.

For more information or if you have questions, please email us.




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