Core Energetics

Core Energetics is a body-oriented psychotherapy. 

Core Energetics is a bridge between the body, psychology and spirituality. It is a holistic process with intention to activate the greater consciousness within a person.

Though accepting and integrating all aspects of self we increase our capacity to face the changes that appear in everyday life. We learn to trust ourselves and to make decisions that will most nurture and sustain us.

This, in turn, increases our life force and we create the fulfilling life we desire. The more choices we have in our body and mind, the freer we become spiritually.

Core Energetics allows us to examine how we sabotage ourselves through reaction and defense in an effort to protect ourselves. When we are in reaction, we cease to have a grasp of what is real. Our body expresses this as stress, contraction, resistance to life, pain, and feelings of isolation and separation.

This evolutionary process stems from the work of John Pierakkos (Founder of Core Energetics),  and highly influenced by Eva Pierakkos (The Pathwork), Alexander Lowen (Bio Energetics), and Wilhelm Reich.

What is a session like?

Core Energetics begins with revealing one’s life story and reviews the patterns of ongoing complaints and destructive behavior. With careful listening, James will encourage you to move into an authentic and spontaneous expression of your truth.

Because Core Energetics is a “body-oriented” therapy, James will ask you questions that will help you understand and track how emotions are felt in your body. For example, “How does your body express fear, anger, sadness, confusion, loneliness, and isolation, etc?” It is important to understand that your body stores emotional charges from difficult life experiences. Once a “charge” becomes revealed about an issue, James will guide you into an experience using sound, breath, and movement. James’ role, as your facilitator, is to provide you with a safe environment in which you can fully express yourself uncensored.

This process will lead you into revealing a clearer perception between your “story” and the “truth”. These “aha” moments come organically and often in an unexpected way. It is James’ ongoing commitment to hold a grounded and supportive space for you as you learn how to become transparent and undefended.

A session ends with a process to help ground and integrate the work.  James will guide you into an understanding about the different levels of self: lower self, mask, and Higher Self. His intention is to help you distinguish between these different levels of consciousness and to support you making decisions that empower you. The result is living a life filled with love, joy, and fulfillment.

James’ Training and Certification:

James received his BA in Environmental Studies and Planning with a minor in Psychology from Sonoma State University. While studying for an Extended Master degree in Eco- Psychology, James discovered that because most everything is created from the mind, then everything can be dismantled with the mind. This led James into a lifelong study of the Healing Arts, yoga, and meditation.

James received certification in Core Energetics through the International Institute of Core Evolution taught by Siegmar and Cornelia Gerken. This was an extensive four year program that gave him both practical and personal experience to enhance his ability as a therapist and movement educator.

 The following concepts describe the essence of the work:

  • Awareness of your authentic and whole self
  • Acceptance and compassion
  • Intimate and fulfilling relationship with others
  • Empowerment to live passionately
  • Sustaining your “ground” in life
  • Living in harmony with your values
  • Recapturing your innocence
  • Making healthier choices for yourself
  • Increased feelings of pleasure and joy
  • Acting from the will of the heart

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