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The Journey Advances: Customized Therapeutic Sessions with Hands-On Techniques

This 36-Hour Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) Teacher Training course completes the GSY 100-Hour Advanced Study Program.* It is similar in format to the GSY Level 1 and Level 2 online courses. In this course, James offers his top hands-on efficient and effective customized Assisted Pandiculation techniques for unwinding Sensory Motor Amnesia.

*Prerequisite: GSY Practitioner Level 1 and Level 2 courses from either the in-person or online courses.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to integrate Gentle Somatic Yoga in order to enhance student/client outcomes and to expand your specialty niche. And if you choose the optional Add-on Certification option and become a Certified Teacher, you will be qualified to work one-on-one or in groups as part of your professional practice. You will also be qualified to apply for the GSY Affiliate Program.


What will I learn?

During this self-paced course, you will discover an effective form of brain-to-muscle re-education that goes to the root cause of most chronic muscular pain:  the way in which the brain senses, controls, and organizes the muscles with movement. This state-of-the-art and user-friendly online education is offered in the format of tailor-made videos produced by James Knight, E-RYT, CHSE, along with downloadable detailed handouts. Information that will be covered in detail:

  • 1/3 of the program Learn James’ top hands-on protocols learned from his successful 30-year clinical practice: efficient and effective customized Assisted Pandiculation techniques for one-on-one sessions and can be used in group settings
  • 1/3 of the program Customize Somatic Movement Flows for the chair. Great for chair yoga, active seniors, the deskworker and corporate wellness.
  • 1/3 of the program Move Smarter – In this module you will be introduced to SomaDynamics™. SomaDynamics inspires us how to utilize movement as a lifestyle. Learn new ways of natural movement that will regenerate your body. In this module you will learn to assess and correct postural and gait patterns. Co-facilitated by Teya Alden from “Move Like It Matters
  • Neuroscience – Moving deeper into the science behind these innovative therapeutic modalities; Assisted Pandiculation.
  • The History and Philosophy behind Gentle Somatic Yoga.
  • Modifications and Props – Learn how to modify Gentle Somatic Yoga to meet the needs of specialty populations: e.g. Seniors, beginner yoga students, athletes, and individuals with special conditions: rehabilitation from injuries, desk workers, pregnancy, and others.
  • Building a Gentle Somatic Yoga Business – Strategies for marketing and client development for classes, workshops, and programs.


After you have successfully completed a GSY  Course (GSY Practitioner Levels 1, 2, & 3) you receive a GSY Certificate Of Completion demonstrating your commitment to the art and science of Gentle Somatic Yoga®. Additionally, you have the opportunity to go the extra mile and become a Certified Practitioner of Gentle Somatic Yoga by purchasing the Certification Option and passing the certification’s Final Teachback requirement.* This is done by submitting a Final Teachback video (full instructions HERE). Your teachback video will then be evaluated by our Certification Staff, after which you will receive a detailed report card with personal feedback. Once certified, you will be acknowledged with a GSY Practitioner Certificate as having demonstrated your competence and skill for providing Gentle Somatic Yoga in an official capacity, either one-on-one or in a group setting, as part of your professional instruction service(s). The cost for Certification is $250. Click HERE to purchase and for more info.

*Prerequisite: Successful completion of the training for its certification level is required. For example, you must have successfully completed GSY Practitioner Level 1 Course in order to be eligible for GSY  Level 1 certification. The certification option must be purchased separately for each Level completed and you can choose this option at a later date.

How can I apply my education and certification?

Expand your scope of practice by teaching customizable Gentle Somatic Yoga classes and hands-on sessions. In this 36-Hour GSY Teacher Level 3 course you will learn all-new SMFs, which will provide you with numerous options for designing specialty classes based on your newly-acquired expertise and student/client needs. Certified GSY Teachers will be eligible to become GSY Affiliates. This includes the possibility of offering your own sub-specialty by collaborating with James in developing unique GSY programs for the evolution of GSY — Lifestyle By Design.


NOTE TO CUSTOMER: The payment choices on this page reflect: $745 paid in full; $273 three month payment plan; $143 six month payment plan. Once you click on the number of courses you want to purchase, click “Add to Cart” and you will see the summary of your choice before entering the rest of your information.  The cost for the add-on Certification option is an extra $250. Please see info below. 

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