Gentle Somatic Yoga 100-Hour Online Courses

with Add-On Certification Option

Note to viewer: Recently we made the decision to make certification optional. Our intent is to make our training programs available to the everyday person as well as the yoga teacher/therapist. The Add-on Certification Option involves submission of a teachback video. For more information about the teachback video requirement, visit HERE.

The full Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) 100-hour Training Program is comprised of three courses. These can be taken as stand-alone courses or all together.* In addition to being offered in-person, each individual course is being launched online. They are sequential, and can be mixed and matched (in-person and/or online) in order to complete the Program.

The online Level 1 course and the online Level 2 course is now available for registration, and the online Level 3 courses are currently available for pre-purchase.

Online Level 1 and Online Level 2 can be purchased as a bundle for over a 20% discount.

The full online 100-Hour Program can be purchased at a 20% discount. All of its courses are anticipated to be available in early 2021.

32-Hour GSY Practitioner – Level 1 (see intro VIDEO)

32-Hour GSY Practitioner – Level 2 (see intro VIDEO)

36-Hour GSY Teacher – Level 3 (see intro VIDEO)

* Each Level requires the successful completion of the preceding Level.

Please refer to this website’s Events Page for a current schedule of our In-Person Trainings as well as other GSY Events, Workshops, and Retreats. Since our website is continuously being updated as events are added for locations worldwide, we recommend you check back often for events nearest to you. In addition, our event listings are kept current on the GSY Facebook and Instagram pages (find our Social Media links at the very top of this page). Another option for being kept apprised of newly-added events is by subscribing to our newsletter (form available at the very bottom of this page). 

Benefits of GSY Courses

Learn from the work and experience of  Movement Education pioneer James Knight, E-RYT, CHSE (Certified Hanna Somatic Educator) and/or his highly-qualified GSY Faculty. During these revolutionary trainings you will acquire a deeper understanding of the neuroscience and philosophy of uniting the body, mind, and spirit through Gentle Somatic Yoga.

You will be engaged in a world of learning where we combine Hanna Somatic Education, the ancient teachings of yoga, cutting-edge neuroscience, real-world case studies of common chronic pain conditions, as well as personal awareness which addresses the Whole Self.  You will gain practical experience in this innovative brain-to-muscle repatterning method to creatively guide yourself, your students and clients into self-correction mastery. This is a scientifically-proven somatic neuromuscular re-education.

During the Gentle Somatic Yoga experiential learning process you will be invited to broaden your understanding of what it means to live an embodied life through the lens of inner awareness. You will gain skills to permanently erase habitual stress-holding patterns, and discover your path to liberated living. The result is a soma (body) that is pain-free, flexible, stronger, confident, and fully expressed through grace and ease!

You will experience firsthand what practitioners from around the world have embodied through this unique educational model. Discover the truth about aging as we challenge long-held myths and travel the pathway to vibrant health: Mind/Body/Spirit. Individually, we connect with the deepest part of ourselves, and then express this vitality daily through our thriving Soma.

Utilizing his decades of experience as a yoga teacher, movement educator, intuitive bodyworker, and body-oriented psychotherapist, James Knight designed this 100-hour program from what he feels to be the most progressive life-enhancing methods for optimal health and well-being.

Add-on Certification Option

After you have successfully completed a GSY Course (GSY Levels 1, 2, & 3) you receive a GSY Certificate Of Completion demonstrating your commitment to the art and science of Gentle Somatic Yoga®. Additionally, you have the opportunity to go the extra mile and become a Certified Practitioner of Gentle Somatic Yoga by purchasing the Certification Option and passing the certification’s Final Teachback requirement.* This is done by submitting a Final Teachback video (full instructions HERE). Your teachback video will then be evaluated by our Certification Staff, after which you will receive a detailed report card with personal feedback. Once certified, you will be acknowledged with a GSY Practitioner Certificate as having demonstrated your competence and skill for providing Gentle Somatic Yoga in an official capacity, either one-on-one or in a group setting, as part of your professional instruction service(s).

*Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Advanced Study training for its certification level is required. For example, you must have successfully completed GSY Practitioner Level 1 Advanced Study in order to be eligible for GSY Practitioner Level 1 certification. The certification option must be purchased separately for each Level completed. 

Is this Program for me?

The Gentle Somatic Yoga Advanced Study Program with Add-on Certification Option is designed to support the dedicated layperson, new and established yoga teachers, body workers, health care professionals, and therapists who would like to advance their own healing process.

You will learn tools to empower yourself and others such as family members and friends. Examples of how and where these new-found skills can be readily applied might include: yourself after a stressful day; a loved one with low back pain; a co-worker with a stiff neck; a friend with a sport injury; and lots more.

Gentle Somatic Yoga is particularly helpful for yoga teachers and/or yoga therapists who work with specialty populations such as seniors; cancer survivors; people with PTSD; desk workers; and, athletes seeking to improve their performance, recovery and/or rehabilitation; etc.

All GSY courses earn CEUs from Yoga Alliance.

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