October 2019 Weekend Program at Out Back Yoga – Los Angeles

Create Freedom Through Somatic Awakening

A Gentle Somatic Yoga® Special Weekend Program

with Creative Movement & Sound Healing


Taught by James Knight, E-RYT, CHSE


Kimberly Freesh, GSY3, CYT, CYTT

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Friday Evening Class

Saturday & Sunday Workshops

October 18th, 19th, & 20th, 2019


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All ages and abilities welcome!

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Come and discover for yourself why Gentle Somatic Yoga® is becoming so popular worldwide!

A Somatic Journey to Sacred Center through Movement & Sound 

Out Back Yoga is honored to host GSY founder James Knight.


James Knight, creator/founder of Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY), will be joined by co-facilitator and certified GSY Level 3 Teacher, Kimberly Freesh.


These two progressive Movement Education pioneers, renowned for their gifts in the emerging field of Somatics + Yoga, will collaboratively offer their passion and love in this weekend program.

Each of the program’s constituent events is unique. When experienced as a series, the cumulative learning is comprehensive in scope. The result is a solid educational foundation from which to build upon, and can become a springboard for practitioner certification.




Friday 10-18-2019 6:30p-9:00p ­Gentle Somatic Yoga Class with candlelight and Sound Healing

Experience a somatic journey into your sacred center through movement and sound.

Sound Healing with Christo Pellani: At the conclusion of the evening’s movement class, enjoy Sound Healing by candlelight along with a guided integration of the inward journey. Be held in a blissful and nurturing sacred container where you are free to simply be as you are, intuitively guided into deep relaxation through the use of both healing sound and gentle voice. Bring a votive candle (contained), an altar item (sacred objects, e.g. gem/crystal, photo/image that speaks to you, flowers, etc.) and your favorite pillow/blanket, along with your personal restorative intentions for yourself.


Saturday 10-19-2019 9:30a-12:30p Gentle Somatic Yoga Introductory Workshop

Discover for yourself why this art of mindful movement is quickly spreading around the globe! Introducing 10+ Somatic Movement Flows to inspire and enhance your yoga practice, as well as encourage and support freedom of movement throughout your day.

9:30 – Introduction and Brief Overview of GSY

9:45 – Movement Class

12:00 – Guided embodied Integration through Simple Floor Movements to explore internal body relationships, with Sound Healing


Sunday 10-20-2019 9:30a-4:30p Gentle Somatic Yoga Deeper Dive Workshop

This interactive and experiential workshop is the perfect deep-dive into GSY for yoga teachers/therapists, bodyworkers, movement educators and the lay person. You will learn practical and effective skills that can be immediately incorporated into your classes and/or 1-on-1 sessions with clients.

Introducing 12+ new Somatic Movement Flows to inspire and enhance your yoga practice. Participants will have an embodied experience that will not only help them, but can also be shared with their family members, friends, clients and students. PowerPoint presentations of the history, philosophy, methodology and neuroscience behind GSY. Learning laboratories for review following each movement segment; Q&A afterward.

Informed by our GSY practices over the weekend, we will end the program with a guided, full-body integration and celebration opportunity led by Kimberly with sound accompaniment by Christo Pellani. This will give you the opportunity to explore, in the spirit of fun, the sensations you experience while enjoying your new-found freedom of movement!

9:30 – PowerPoint Part 1: History, Philosophy and Tips & Guidelines

10:00 – Class + Learning Lab

Noon – Lunch Break (bring a sack lunch to picnic on the studio grounds)

1:00 – PowerPoint Part 2: Neuroscience and Methodology

1:30 – Class + Learning Lab

3:30 – Closing Celebration: Freestyle Movement + Sound Healing



Out Back Yoga

10926 Owensmouth Ave

Chatsworth, CA 91311

Phone: (818) 349-1790

Email: kimberly@outbackyoga.com



Friday: $40 advance by Oct. 13 / $45 regular

Saturday: $55 advance by Oct. 13 / $65 regular

Sunday: $120 advance by Oct. 13 / $140 regular

Package: $200 advance by Oct. 13 / $250 regular



This event is based on James Knight’s bestselling DVDs and Encyclopedia.


About James Knight, E-RYT, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator / Gentle Somatic Yoga®

James created Gentle Somatic Yoga out of his passion for the art of embodied movement. James has been an Integrative Therapist and Experienced Yoga Teacher 25+ years. He is certified as a Hanna Somatic Educator by the Novato Institute for Somatic Studies. Currently he travels extensively facilitating GSY Teacher Training Certifications, Classes, Workshops and Spiritual/Immersion Retreats across the planet.


About Kimberly Freesh, GSY3, CYT, CYTT  / Out Back Yoga

Kimberly was born to move and to encourage others to do the same. As a certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Level 3 Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, as well as an avid ballroom dancer with the Arthur Murray group and continuing student of Fred Sugermans’ Medicine Dance programs, she is fully aware of how personal movement patterns (neuromuscular patterning) and outlook on life correlate directly with pain management and the overall health of a human being. She owns and operates Out Back Yoga in Chatsworth.



About Christo Pellani  / Soundformation

Christo facilitates Human Potential by specializing in quality expressive and healing arts services for schools, festivals, retreats, private and group consultations, and conferences. He is a Master Drummer/Percussionist, Life/Health Coach, Event Facilitator, Music Teaching Artist, Expressive Therapist, Sound/Energy Healer
When Christo’s music passion and spiritual path converged, something new and wonderful was realized. He discovered the profound effect of how drumming and sound creates a sense of healing and transformation in a person. Sound and rhythm are, to Christo some of the most powerful mediums we have to accelerate change, transition and self awareness.



About Gentle Somatic Yoga

Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) is a unique “art of movement” practice that combines traditional yoga postures, Hanna Somatic Education, breathing techniques and healing visualizations. By incorporating slow, mindful movements that raise bodily awareness to release tension-based patterns in the body, GSY meets you where you are currently and gently guides you into greater states of inner peace and joy.

Instead of traditional stretching, GSY utilizes brain-to-muscle re-education to reprogram muscles. The self-corrective and therapeutic exercises, called Somatic Movement Flows®, are ideal for overcoming bodily pain, dramatically increasing flexibility, and reversing postural imbalances.


For more information about Gentle Somatic Yoga, visit:


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