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This video series is based on Gentle Somatic Yoga®, James Knight’s second and most recently published 2-disc DVD Set by the same name. The format is similar to his Gentle Yoga through Somatic Exploration™ video series (also available on-demand through Vimeo HERE), however the therapeutic exercises featured in each are unique to their respective video series. They both contain comprehensive instructions and modifications targeted for specific anatomical focus of the complete back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, legs and feet. For additional tips & guidelines, visit HERE.


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As a science-based and heart-centered exploration of movement, Gentle Somatic Yoga is a mindful practice in which muscles are reprogrammed to dissolve stiffness and pain, dramatically increasing flexibility and improving strength and stability. Through the therapeutic corrective exercises, called Somatic Movement Flows®, you are guided into an experience of peace and well-being. The movements are designed for all ages and abilities. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

Gentle Somatic Yoga combines traditional Hatha yoga postures, Hanna Somatic Education, Pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and healing visualizations. This method of yoga was created by James and inspired by the work of somatic education pioneers Thomas Hanna, Eleanor Criswell Hanna, Thomas Hanna, Lawrence Gold, and Moshe Feldenkrais, as well as important others.

This practice is an invaluable resource for yoga teachers, movement educators, dance teachers, bodyworkers and/or health care practitioners seeking to maximize their impact on their general as well as specialty populations.

The movement sequences contained in both of James’ video series, along with the methodology, philosophy, neuroscience, and history of Gentle Somatic Yoga, can all be found in his Gentle Somatic Yoga Encyclopedia™. It has 50+ fully annotated SMF sequences illustrated with color photographs.

James Knight, E-RYT, CHSE has been an Integrative Therapist, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator, and experienced Registered Yoga Teacher for 25+ years. James facilitates classes, workshops, teacher trainings, online and in-person certification programs, as well as international cultural immersion retreats.


TESTIMONIALS for this video series

Liz says: “I was and still am amazed at how well this works”
I suffered with Chronic pain endless Chiropractor visits (I have been diagnosed with Scoliosis) though regular exercise helped I still had severe pain that lasted weeks at times. Out of sheer desperation I purchased this dvd after reading up on Somatic exercise. After the first day I was actually very sore but after three day’s I was PAIN FREE! I was and still am amazed at how well this works! I tell everyone I know! So grateful that I can finally live pain free w/o medication! I have found if I sustain a regular practice of a minimum of 1 day a week (for an hour practice of G.S.Y.) I am pain free and never worry any longer about how to resolve my back pain and how I will ever pay for all those Chiropractor visits… all a thing of the past! Thank God and Somatic Yoga my pain is gone!

Kindle Customer says: “Immediate benefits, not quick fixes”
I’m in ongoing physical therapy for hip flexor tendonitis and periformis syndrome. My PT recommended somatic exercises and I found Hanna’s book and Knight’s video. Knight’s video has been especially helpful as the lower extremity exercises are exactly what I needed for my conditions. Additionally, I am gaining flexibility which should help prevent re-injury to my hip flexor and periformis. The exercises quickly relieve acute pain, but like other physical therapy/conditioning methods, it takes time to get one’s body in balance. Miraculous stuff that worked when typical PT hasn’t.

E. Hope says: “A Gift!”
Fabulous! I’ve suffered with chronic neck and back pain for years. Tried acupuncture, PT, chiropractic adjustments, massage, pain patches, even drugs…. nothing has helped as much as these yoga moves. Can’t thank you enough!!!

Margaret A. says: “Great Addition To James’ Other DVD”
I purchased this to go along with James Knight’s first dvd. It is an excellent addition without being repetitive. I’m currently rotating through the sessions – they are about 20-25 minutes each – which fits my busy schedule. Who are these people who have an hour or two a day for yoga? I’m not one of them.

Shawn says: “Great yoga videos!!!!”
This is a great set!!! It goes slow enough that it is easily understood and challenging. I noticed a difference after the first day. Great purchase!!!!

Ellema N. says: “Gentle Somatic Yoga Rockz”
Gentle Somatic Yoga w/James Knight is a great addition to my yoga practice. After less than two weeks of practice I have noticed reduction of pain in my trouble spots (neck/shoulders from desk working). The alleviation of pain and increased flexibility has contributed greatly to my regular yoga and other exercise practices. An unexpected and welcome bonus of Knight’s teaching style is that he provides equally detailed verbal instructions along with the visual. This allows the practitioner to concentrate inward to notice what is happening in the body. As a long-time practitioner of walking meditation I find this [DVD] also provides a meditative experience for those of us who enjoy mindfulness meditation through movement and breathing. I highly recommend somatic yoga practice and Knight specifically for those who are looking to enhance their existing practice or begin a new practice (of course checking with one’s physician first).

Big Fan says: “Five Stars”
Great DVD for somatic exercises…..James Knight is a great instructor!

Lori S. says: “Five Stars”
I absolutely love this DVD. For stretching and relaxation it is incredible.


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