September 2019 Retreat Workshop ❧ Yogaville – Buckingham, VA


Liberating the Soma through Mindful Movement

GSY Deep Dive Retreat Weekend

and introducing Gentle Somatic Flow™

Facilitated by James Knight

September 13 – 15, 2019


Hosted By:

Yogaville – Buckingham, VA

Check-in Friday afternoon, September 13th

Check-out Sunday, September 15th


All ages and abilities are welcome!


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Registration for this workshop is through Yogaville, click here:

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Yogaville Invitation from Gentle Somatic Yoga on Vimeo.


Liberating the Soma through Mindful Movement (called Awaken The Possible on Yogaville’s program page)

In this Deep Dive weekend workshop-styled spiritual retreat, Gentle Somatic Yoga®’s founder James Knight will debut Gentle Somatic Flow™, an all-new expression of Gentle Somatic Yoga® that reinterprets traditional Vinyasa flows through the lens of Somatics. It accomplishes this by weaving Somatic Movement Flows® into a seamless yogic expression of bodily awareness. As a vigorously engaging new art of movement, this progressive method increases muscle mass, bone density, and cardiovascular endurance.

This Somatic Revitalization overflows into every aspect of your living, breathing, sensing, moving Being (Soma). Ask yourself, “Am I ready for deeper and more pleasurable experiences in my life?” If the answer is YES!, then come and discover for yourself why Gentle Somatic Yoga is becoming so popular worldwide!


Discounts are available (contact Yogaville to discuss)
●  First Program Discount: Subtract $40 off your first program tuition. 

●  Senior Citizen: 10% off for all seniors, ages 65+. 

●  Student: 10% off for all full-time students. I.D. required. 

●  Military Personnel: 10% off for all people currently serving in the US Armed Forces and 
retirees, the reserve, or the National Guard. I.D. required. Spouses not included. 

●  International: 10% off for participants permanently residing outside the USA. 

●  Integral Yoga Teachers Association Members: 10% off programs and 5% off Teacher 
Training programs for active members. 

●  Early Bird Discount: 20% off if registration is low 45–60 days before the start of the program. 

●  Financial Aid: Limited partial scholarships are available for those who can demonstrate 
financial need.

Lodging & Transportation*

  • Shared Dorm – Bottom Bunk – $180
  • Shared Dorm – Top Bunk – $180
  • Dormitory – Private – $270
  • LGH – Single (Full Bed) – $320
  • LGH – Double (2 twin beds) – $320
  • LGH – Family room (Queen Bed) – $320
  • Tent-Site – $120

Transportation can be arranged through Yogaville to/from the Ashram and Charlottesville Virginia, at Charlottesville Airport, Train Station, or Bus Station only. Transportation is provided between the hours of 9 am – 8 pm and is $50.00 each way.  Transportation to/from Washington, DC or Richmond, VA., is not available. Contact them directly to arrange: 800-858-9642.

*See Frequently Asked Questions for details: FAQ



Meals at Yogaville are included in the cost of Lodging. Meals are served 3 times a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals are structured around the Night, starting at the Dinner of your first arrival date, going until the lunch of your departure.

Vegan and Vegetarian Options are served buffet-style. There is a full hot line and a full salad bar. Anytime there is a dairy- or gluten-containing offering, an option that is gluten- or dairy-free is also served. If you have any concerns about a particular dish, please ask the cook, who will be happy to let you know what ingredients are included.


Date & Time Details
Friday Check-in: 4 – 6 pm
Sunday Check-out: 2 pm
Friday – Sunday Program Schedule


EMAIL Yogaville with any logistical questions you have about this Program (reference: “Awaken The Possible”).


About Yogaville — a place to honor the universality of all faiths, through the symbol of light which is shared by all cultures in the world.
Yogaville was founded by Swami Satchidananda. Swami Satchidananda, was an Indian religious teacher, spiritual master and yoga adept. He was the author of philosophical and spiritual books. He updated traditional handbooks of yoga such as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita for modern readers. Click HERE to visit their site and learn more.


About Gentle Somatic Yoga

Gentle Somatic Yoga is a unique movement practice that combines traditional yoga postures, Hanna Somatic Education, breathing techniques and healing visualizations. It incorporates slow, mindful movements that raise bodily awareness in order to release tension-based patterns in the body. As an adaptogenic art of movement with unlimited potential, it meets you where you are currently and gently guides you into ever-expanding states of inner peace and joy. Instead of traditional stretching, GSY utilizes brain-to-muscle re-education to reprogram muscles. The self-corrective and therapeutic exercises, called Somatic Movement Flows®, are ideal for overcoming bodily pain, dramatically increasing flexibility, and reversing postural imbalances.


About James Knight

James has been an E-RYT, CHSE (Certified Hanna Somatic Educator), and Integrative Therapist for 25+ years. From his combined experience as a lifelong yogi, intuitive bodyworker, psychotherapist, and movement educator, James founded a method of synthesizing what he discovered to be the most progressive, life-enhancing techniques into an embodied practice of mindful movement. Gentle Somatic Yoga was born out of years of exploring means of connecting with the deepest aspects of himself. James’ passion is to inspire and encourage others to live a fulfilling life of physical, emotional and spiritual freedom.



This event is based on James’ bestselling DVDs and Encyclopedia.

For more information about Gentle Somatic Yoga, visit:

Getting to Yogaville:


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