Certification Option


Add-on GSY Certification Option



Add-on Certification Option

After successfully completing their Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY) Advanced Study training, our students receive a GSY Certificate Of Completion demonstrating their commitment to the art and science of Gentle Somatic Yoga®. Additionally, there is an opportunity to go the extra mile and become a Certified Practitioner of Gentle Somatic Yoga by purchasing this certification option and passing the certification’s Final Teachback requirement.* This requirement is fulfilled by submitting a Final Teachback video (full instructions HERE). The teachback video is evaluated by our Certification Staff, after which a detailed report card with personal feedback is returned to the student. Once certified, the student is acknowledged with a GSY Practitioner Certificate as having demonstrated their competence and skill for providing Gentle Somatic Yoga in an official capacity, either one-on-one or in a group setting, as part of their professional instruction service(s).

As well, the Gentle Somatic Yoga website hosts a directory for the specific purpose of promoting certified GSY Practitioners/Teachers:

Because GSY routinely receives requests from individuals seeking certified GSY Practitioners in their area, each certified GSY practitioner/teacher is honored with a dedicated page of their very own in the directory. This is an important means of having referrals sent your way. The page includes the practitioner/teacher’s professional information as it relates to Gentle Somatic Yoga, including website, contact information, and bio.

*Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Advanced Study training for its certification level is first required. For example, you must have successfully completed GSY Practitioner Level 1 – Advanced Study in order to be eligible for GSY Practitioner Level 1 certification.