September 4-9, 2020 ❧ GSY Practitioner Level 1 ~ Advanced Study Program with optional Add-on Cert.

Facilitated by James Knight, Founder of GSY 

And assisted by GSY Faculty Cheryl Mason and Lori Hill


Hosted by:


Buckingham VA


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☝︎ Disclaimer: The video above was created prior to the advent of our Advanced Study with Add-on Certification Option. See more about the Add-on Certification Option farther down below.

 The video above is a compilation of photos taken last year at our GSY Events at Yogaville (2019) 


Course Theme: Find Your Inner Yes

The words overlaid on the photograph to the left are just some of the feeling states that come to mind when tuning into what an “Inner Yes” might feel like. However finding your “Inner Yes” is a unique process for every Soma. And, in every case, finding and living your “Inner Yes” will lead you to make generative choices on every level: mind/body/spirit. In Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY) you will have a first-person experience of what YES means to you expressed in your body as an internal felt sensation. As we learn to unlock and erase pain and stiffness within our body (Soma) our natural state of Peace and Well-being becomes our natural state. From this place we can listen to the messages of our Soma and make better and more nourishing decisions for ourselves. 

Also, when Somas connect in shared intention they enliven the creation of something completely new and novel. Throughout this training we will participate in experiential activities as a group and as individuals that will energize the alchemy of yoga (union). Together we will activate a heightened collective awareness that will help us to deepen into the connections between and among one another, creating a unique learning opportunity. Come and experience a shared sense of gratitude for what we will co-create as a Somatic Tribe.


Course Details

What makes this Advanced Study Training so unique?

  • Explore and learn 25 Somatic Movement Flows® that can be incorporated into other therapeutic modalities (Yoga Therapy, Physical Therapy, Massage, etc.), or can be the basis for an entire group class
  • Learn the history, philosophy, neuroscience, and methodology of GSY
  • Share case studies and offer solutions for physical challenges and limitations that students bring to class
  • Enhance your own teaching style while working with your peers (many participants attracted to this method are experts in their field) 
  • Identify your target audience and customize the Somatic Movement Flow sequences to fit your niche
  • Join our cutting edge community of Movement Educators, Yoga Teachers, and Yoga Therapists
  • Develop successful business strategies and marketing tools
  • Certified Yoga Teachers and Health Care Professionals can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • This course is designed so that you can enjoy many of the Satchidananda Ashram’s daily offerings such as: meditation & specialty yoga classes, inspirational spiritual talks (Darshan), and hiking the many trails that wonder throughout this pristine nature preserve (750 acres). 
  • Return to your community feeling refreshed, energized, and inspired to share GSY!

For more about GSY’s 32-hour in-person Level 1 training’s, visit this PAGE.

Cost: $750 Tuition + Accommodations 

The all-inclusive price of Yogaville’s accommodations provides you with three delicious buffet-style vegetarian meals daily, meditation, and various specialty Yoga classes in addition to other activities as part of your stay.

  • Shared Dormitory: Bottom Bunk – $405
  • Shared Dormitory: Top Bunk – $405
  • Private Dormitory – $615
  • Lotus Guest House: Full Bed – $725
  • Lotus Guest House: 2 Twin beds – $725
  • Lotus Guest House: Queen Bed – $725
  • Tent-Site – $280

*For descriptions for the Dormitory and Lotus Guest House, click HERE.

Add-on Certification Option

After you have successfully completed this GSY Advanced Study training, you will receive a GSY Certificate Of Completion demonstrating your commitment to the art and science of Gentle Somatic Yoga® . Additionally, you have an opportunity to go the extra mile and become a Certified Practitioner of Gentle Somatic Yoga by purchasing the certification option ($250, see link in next paragraph) and passing the certification’s Final Teachback requirement. This is done by submitting a Final Teachback video (full instructions HERE). Your teachback video will then be evaluated by our Certification Staff, after which you will receive a detailed report card with personal feedback. Once certified, you will be acknowledged with a GSY Practitioner Certificate as having demonstrated your competence and skill for providing Gentle Somatic Yoga in an official capacity, either one-on-one or in a group setting, as part of your professional instruction service(s).

If you would also like to become certified, you can add the Certification Option to your cart HERE. You are also welcome to choose this option, later, after you complete the in-person course. 

*Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Advanced Study training for its certification level is required. For example, you must have successfully completed GSY Practitioner ~ Level 1 Advanced Study in order to be eligible for GSY Practitioner ~ Level 1 certification.



Transportation can be arranged through Yogaville to/from the Ashram and Charlottesville Virginia, at Charlottesville Airport, Train Station, or Bus Station only. Transportation is provided between the hours of 9 am – 8 pm and is $50.00 each way.  Transportation to/from Washington, DC or Richmond, VA., is not available. Contact them directly to arrange: 800-858-9642.

*See Frequently Asked Questions about Yogaville for more details: FAQ



Meals at Yogaville are included in the cost of Lodging. Delicious vegetarian meals are served 3 times a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your first meal starts with dinner of your first arrival date, going until the lunch of your departure.

Vegan and Vegetarian Options are served buffet-style. There is a full hot line and a full salad bar. Anytime there is a dairy- or gluten-containing offering, an option that is gluten- or dairy-free is also served. If you have any concerns about a particular dish, please ask the cook, who will be happy to let you know what ingredients are included.


Date & Time Details
Friday Check-in: 4 – 6 pm
Sunday Check-out: 2 pm


This event is based on James Knight’s bestselling DVDs and Encyclopedia.


For more information about Gentle Somatic Yoga, visit:


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