4-Hour Introductory Gentle Somatic Yoga Online Teacher Training

Thank you for your interest in Gentle Somatic Yoga®!


This motivational and action-packed 4-hour workshop will help launch you into the world of GSY with:

    • 5 separate training modules

    • Self-paced and user-friendly technology

    • Step-by-step in-depth instructions for over 16 GSY Somatic Movement Flows™

    • A 37-page downloadable handout that summarizes the history, science, philosophy, and methodology behind GSY

This course is ideal for Yoga Teachers and Bodyworkers who would like to learn new and effective tools to bring to their classes and/or clients. It also offers terrific support for anyone wanting to feel more comfortable and free in their body.


All ages and abilities welcome!






Receive $49 off Gentle Somatic Yoga® Practitioner ~ Level 1 Online Certification Course

With your enrollment in this 4-hour Introductory Course, you will receive a coupon code from Yoga Vista Academy (the course’s producer) for $49 off your registration for our online 32-Hour GSY Practitioner ~ Level 1 Certification course.


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Testimonials from GSY Workshop Attendees

  • “Totally met and surpassed my needs and expectations. I received the reminders I needed in feeling his postures inside out and received new insights in translating the poses to the chair. As always, James both spoke and listened in a personable and understandable way. He brought out the best ideas from all of us!”
  • “New concept for me. What an enthusiastic and positive guy.”
  • “Challenging and useful information. Very nice presentation.”
  • “I learned so much! He is such a gigantic ‘heart’. This was my 2nd time to experience his work, and it’s starting to settle into my slow brain!  Can’t wait to learn more!”
  • “Your passion for your work radiates! It was so helpful to receive experience of your teaching of the somatic movements – it will make my presentation of them to my students much easier. Love your work, love your teaching. Appreciated the chair demo’s.”
  • “Content well organized.”
  • “James has such an engaging nature – he pulls you into his enthusiasm. Will incorporate more somatics into my classes and look forward to more info on visualization.”
  • “I like James’ personal approach and openness. He explains concepts very clearly and skillfully alternates discussions with practice. I really appreciate that he demonstrated chair versions of somatic movements.”
  • “Awesome! It really brought home the idea of the fascia – so simple but such effects. Just so impressed.”
  • “James is so passionate about what he does. His energy shines through his eyes and truly concerned about each and every individual.”
  • “Very good session. The energy was good, a lot of information that I can use for my students.”
  • “Learning about somatics today was so refreshing and opened a new world of opportunities.”

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