Personalized Virtual Session with James Knight


Sixty Minute 1-on-1 Personalized Virtual Session with James

Scheduling your appointment involves a 2-step process:

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Candidates for James’ Personalized Virtual Sessions include:

✧ Yoga teachers and movement educators seeking mentorship

✧ Pain or discomfort from stress, injury, and/or overuse patterns (e.g. desk worker)

✧ Pre- and/or post-surgery strategies for optimal healing

✧ Athletic performance enhancement

✧ Beginning yoga students seeking to pre-condition and gain flexibility

What To Expect:

James will guide you through a series of therapeutic sequences called Somatic Movement Flows™ (SMFs). At the end of each session you will be given a personalized program of SMFs that you can then practice on your own for cumulative benefits.

What You Will Need For Your Personalized Training:

✦ Strong Wi-Fi connection

✦ Smart Phone, Tablet, iPad, Laptop, or PC

✦ Wear loose, comfortable clothing and choose a space where you can easily move about on the floor or massage table.

✦ Props (if required) – e.g. blankets, pillows, bolsters


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