GSY Teacher Certification

Note to viewer: Since the publication of the video above, GSY has decided to restructure its 100-hour Teacher Training Certification Program into three Courses:

GSY Practitioner – Level 1 (see VIDEO)

GSY Practitioner – Level 2

GSY Teacher – Level 3 

They are currently taught In-person and soon to be offered Online. They are sequential and can be taken either in-person and/or online. The Level 1, 2, & 3 Online trainings are intended to be available by the third quarter of 2018. To be placed on our notification list please use this LINK.  

Please see the GSY Teacher Training Page for currently scheduled GSY Level 1, 2, and 3 In-Person trainings.

***A 4-Hour Introductory GSY Teacher Training Workshop is now available online. Visit this page for more details.***


Benefits of Teacher Certification (Training)

Learn from integrative wellness pioneer, James Knight, E-RYT and Certified Hanna Somatic Educator. During these revolutionary certification courses, you will develop a deeper understanding of the science and philosophy of uniting the body, mind, spirit through Gentle Somatic Yoga.

You will enter a world of learning where we combine Hanna Somatic Education, the ancient teachings of yoga, cutting edge science, real-world case studies, and personal awareness to address the Whole Self.  You will gain practical experience in this innovative brain-to-muscle re-patterning system to creatively guide yourself, your students and clients into self-mastery. This is a scientifically proven neuromuscular somatic re-education.

During the Gentle Somatic Yoga experiential learning process you will be invited to go deeper into what it means to live an embodied life through the lens of inner awareness. You will learn skills to erase old habits of holding stress and discomfort and find a path to liberated living. The result is a body that is pain-free, flexible, stronger, and confident!

You will experience firsthand what clients from around the world have discovered through this unique educational model. Discover the truth about aging as we challenge long-held myths and discover the pathway to optimal health: Mind/Body/Spirit. Individually, we connect with deepest part of ourselves, and express this vitality through our living Soma.

Utilizing his decades of experience as a yoga teacher, intuitive bodyworker, psychotherapist, and movement educator, James Knight compassionately shares what he feels to be the most progressive life-enhancing methods for optimal health and wellbeing.


Is this program for me?

The Gentle Somatic Yoga Certification Program is designed to support new and established yoga teachers, body workers, health care professionals, therapists, and dedicated yoga students who would like to advance their own healing process.

Gentle Somatic Yoga is particularly helpful for yoga teachers or yoga therapists who work with specialty populations such as seniors; cancer survivors; people with PTSD; desk workers; and, athletes seeking to improve their performance, recovery and/or rehabilitation; etc.

You will learn tools to teach Gentle Somatic Yoga in a wide range of complementary settings to support your individual market: group classes for the general public, office settings, health care facilities, and one-on-one training.

Registered Yoga Teachers can earn CEUs from Yoga Alliance.

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Join James as he guides you through his 20-minute Gentle Somatic Yoga Home Practice Video.