GSY Level 1 Livestreaming Course

Theme: Your Healing Journey Begins with a Supportive Foundation...

A great house needs a solid foundation. In Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) Level 1, we provide your beautiful home (your Body/Soma) with the substructure that it needs to stay balanced and thriving. 

As we all know, our biggest investment is our health GSY is a science-based AND heart-based method to empower you with reliable foundational skills for self-care and self-healing.

Although many participants drawn to this method are movement educators, you don't need to be a yoga teacher/therapist or bodyworker to take this course. Anyone interested in learning new tools to take charge of their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health are welcome. 

Some highlights of this course. You will learn:

  • 25+ Therapeutic Somatic Movement Flows® for self-care, resiliency, health, and wellbeing
  • How and why Somatic Movements get to the root cause of persistent pain, stiffness, and poor posture so you can unwind from these unconscious reflexes
  • Ways to practice nourishing movements that are suitable and effective for your body. Emphasis will be on finding your own inner teacher and relying less on “doing it right” according to instruction or demonstration

As an ADDED BONUS, when you register for this Livestream Training Course, we'll also give you complimentary access to our self-paced GSY ONLINE Level 1 Course

This Online Course gives you access to the 25+ Somatic Movement Flow Videos and
illustrated PDF step-by-step handouts taught in the Livestreaming Level 1 Course!

This Livestreaming course is right for you if:


You are a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, bodyworker or health care professional and want to acquire new skills that you can implement into your classes or private sessions. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available. 


You aren't a movement educator, but you want to take your own self-healing and self care practices to deeper level


You want to trust your "Inner Yes" and learn how to make nourishing decisions for you mind, body, and soul


You want to develop or enhance a daily meditation practice where you can learn to quiet the thinking mind

You want to have a deeper understanding how emotions affect the body and learn new skills to unwind from old internal stress patterns

You want to develop more internal awareness so that you can learn the messages your body is giving you and self-correct


You want to learn Somatic Movements to reverse common physical challenges and ailments


You would like to add-on our Certification Option to provide a credential and expand your scope of practice. Learn more here

More of what You Will Learn in Level 1 Livestream Training:


25 Somatic Movement Flows®. For most people these Flows bring immediate and long-lasting beneficial results


Leading-edge neuroscience balanced with heart-based wisdom


How to replace static stretching with an innovative brain-to-muscle re-education technique called pandiculation


Discovering ways to MOVE that are suitable and effective for EVERY body. Emphasis will be on discovering your own "Inner YES" and relying less on “doing it right” according to instruction or demonstration


How to practice mindful and compassionate movements in a way that inspires deeper connection with your mind, body, and sprit 


Tips and guidelines to support your own niche of adaptive movements into your group classes and/or private sessions 


Tips for building your business:  for experienced yoga teachers/therapists, near to retirees, and the budding entrepreneur wanting to inspire people. We will offer strategies for marketing and client development for classes, workshops, and other programs

Gentle Somatic Yoga® and Somatic Wellness
Level 1 Training 

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6 Part Program
Begins on September 23, 2022

 START TIME at 9am Mountain Standard Time. Ideal for participants in the USA, Canada, and the UK
  • September 24th and 25th,
  • October 1st and 2nd,
  • October 8th and 9th* 

*October 9th is a practice teachback day for all participants who purchase the add-on certification. The final teachback will be in video format and can be sent to us when the participant feels ready.  

Learn more here.
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Without certification, yoga instructors may claim 30 CEU hours for the combined classes.

With certification, yoga instructors may claim 32 CEU hours for the combined classe


All course sessions are livestream on Zoom and will be recorded. Students have lifetime access to all PDF Handouts and you can create a downloadable or printed manual.

Those who purchase the add-on certification will get 6 months of access to the online videos and those who do not choose to get certified will get 3 months access to the videos.

You will receive an email with your access to the recordings within 72 hours of each class.


$1150 for our non-certification option
$1450 for certification option

Advantages of Live Virtual Training with James Knight


Personalized interaction and energy exchange 


Coming together as a collective consciousness which allows James to tailor these training courses for each specific group


Interact with your peers and other like-minded people. We learn and evolve together through compassion, respect, and love


James’ facilitation style (non-hierarchical) is heavily inspired with the attitude of exploration and discovery


Gentle Somatic Yoga® is constantly evolving as a method, therefore new enhancements have been added to the Somatic Movement Flows®. Often times these enhancements have not been published yet and you will be the first to learn them

"I took this training during the COVID lock down. I was experiencing extreme anxiety. James’s calm, kind and methodical approach  helped me to meet every moment as it actually was, verses freaking out about the pandemic. Gentle Somatic Yoga focuses on mindful moments, and his teachings helped me to get me through a stressful time."

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~Allison Distler, GSY Practitioner Level 1
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"I absolutely love your teaching style, humbleness, passion and curiosity 🙏🏼🙏🏼

It’s inspiring and helps me to truly trust this path I’m on. I believe people should listen to their body, feel good as they move and feel very supported by their teacher."

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~ Meredith Divita, GSY Practitioner Levels 1 & 2

What you will need for the workshop?


An electronic device that has access to Zoom

Reliable wifi


Props: cushions, blanket, chair if you’d like extra support

Water Bottle, Notebook and Pen


Add-On Certification Option

Interested in Becoming Certified?

For those of you who are yoga teachers, yoga therapists, body workers, or healthcare practitioners, once certified, you are endorsed as a GSY Practitioner and you get your own personal page on our website Teacher's Directory.

You will be promoted as a GSY teacher for your events and join the global trend of Somatic Movement Educators, acknowledged for your competency.

You can also incorporate Gentle Somatic Yoga in either  one-on-one customized sessions  or in group movement classes, as part of your professional instruction service(s).

Learn more HERE

Level 1 Program Schedule 

Join James Knight, founder of Gentle Somatic Yoga®, for an inspiring training!
PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is subject to change depending on the size and needs of the group.

Livestream LEVEL 1 Training

Schedule: 9a - 4p MST 
September 24th and 25th, October 1st and 2nd, October 8th and 9th*

9a - 10:30a Gentle Somatic Yoga class
10:30a - 10:35a Break
10:35a - 12:00p Learning Laboratory
12:00p - 12:45p 45 min. Meal Break
12:45p - 1:15p Neuroscience, Method, and Philosophy of GSY
1:15p - 3:15p- Practice Teachbacks in Breakout rooms
3:15p - 3:20p Break
3:20p - 4:00p Group Review and Q & A 

October 9th* 10a - 2:30p MST - Practice Teachback Day
(This day may be extended depending on size of group)

This practice teachback day is for all students who’ve signed up for the optional certification add-on. There are groups of four students in a two hour block. The first four students start 10a - 12p. Second group 12:30a - 2:30p. Third group (if needed) 3p - 5p.


James excels at creating an environment that is collaborative, integrative, and invitational. He is always open to exploring new possibilities and encourages the contributions of others.

In this way, I’ve witnessed how he develops relationships built on mutual respect. I was and remain impressed with the breadth of knowledge and skills he has acquired from different methodologies, and how he has integrated these aspects into GSY, and his lifestyle.

My experiences with James have always been positive and have sparked enthusiasm for new possibilities.

I'd recommend studying with James to anyone who wants to dive deeper into exploring and knowing themselves, for health care providers who want to support their clients better, and for those who are inspired by being part of a collaborative community that continues to evolve and shift. 

Jean Wishloff, GSY Teacher
James is a fountain of knowledge and at peace with himself. He shares openly both aspects with his students in a playful, humorous way allowing me to understand his message in a light way. Somatics and slow-movements yoga are truly our medicine.
Alicia Schwartzman

I really enjoyed the course! I do plan to continue rest of the 100 hours! This has helped my back so much I am really excited to share it! The other part that I really find for me is that it releases so much tension from my mental, emotional and energetic body. This is definitely a profoundly deep practice and I am looking forward to exploring the many layers!! 

Diane Herring, Online Level 1 Student

About James Knight

James Knight has been an E-RYT, CHSE (Certified Hanna Somatic Educator), and Integrative Therapist for 30+ years. He was one of the early pioneers to bridge hatha yoga with Somatics. His passion is to inspire and encourage others to live a fulfilling life of physical, emotional and spiritual freedom.

From his combined experience as a lifelong yogi, intuitive bodyworker, psychotherapist, and movement educator, James founded a method of integrating what he discovered to be the most progressive, life-enhancing techniques into an embodied practice of mindful movement. Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) was born out of years of exploring means of connecting with the deepest aspects of himself.

As an architectural and interior designer, master Feng Shui consultant, and professional photographer, James enjoys designing sacred spaces and other creative endeavors that reflect his spiritual aesthetic. On a personal level, he enjoys spending quality time with loved ones while cultivating and energizing conscious communities.

James spends much of his time traveling the world facilitating teacher training certifications, workshops, and Somatic Wellness and Adventure Retreats. Please join him and experience GSY for yourself! 

Please fill out all required information on the following form to register for the Level 1 Livestream Training

Without Certification: $1150


 With add-on certification: $1450 

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