Into Deeper, Daily Self-Care by Developing and Maintaining a Home Practice


  • Empower yourself with practical and accessable techniques for self-healing
  • Learn simple and reliable skills to boost your immune system
  • Retrain your nervous system to stay calm and balanced

Into deeper, daily self-care by developing and maintaining
a Home Practice


  • Empower yourself with techniques for self-care and self-healing
  • Learn simple and reliable skills to boost your immune system
  • Retrain your nervous system to stay calm and balanced

Cultivating new choices can lead to freedom in the body

Many of us are distracted on a day-to-day basis by feeling dissatisfied on how they feel in their body. We are aware of the effects of stress on our physical health by feelings of pain, stiffness, and fatigue. On an emotional level we can sometimes feel overwhelmed, helpless, and discouraged.

It’s curious that even with the best of intentions most of us fall short in our daily habits of self-care by procrastination. And, overtime, we develop unhealthy habits and patterns that sabotage our energy, health, sense of self-worth, and confidence.

Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) gives you the solution! You can easily turn your habits and limiting beliefs around it by developing nourishing daily self-care practices. And, instead of thinking this requires discipline (which can sometimes feel like pressure – something to push through) you can turn it around by cultivating a sense of devotion to self: a kinder and more compassionate way of being. You can learn to understand your body’s messages to self-correct and self-heal. 

The invitation of Gentle Somatic Yoga is by developing a home practice, you can easily unwind from old stress holding patterns and increase your flexibility, strength, and overall sense of peace and wellbeing. Also, by exploring the Somatic Movement Flows® the positive effects are immediate for most people and also long lasting. 

For now, you can begin your journey with GSY by practicing one of the videos on this page. As they say: “The proof is in the pudding!” You might be surprised how good you can feel in a short amount of time!

When practicing the Somatic Movement Flows and meditations offered on this page you will learn to: 

  • Amplify your bodily awareness so it can self-heal
  • Permanently release persistent stress-based patterns, both mentally and physically
  • Retrain your nervous system and return back to balance and wholeness

Somatic Sanctuary:

A Monthly Livestream Event
(1 ½-hr Workshop)

This ongoing series of Somatic Movement Workshops created by GSY founder, James Knight, happens each month with a new anatomical focus and theme. Through mindful movement, with the attitude of exploration, we connect with the abandoned parts of ourselves to refresh and become whole again.

These ONLINE events are offered at two times to reach our worldwide audience. Check to see what time zone translates to where you live.  You are welcome to join either or both class times. All sessions are recorded and available for 30 days. 

Receive 15% off your first Workshop with us by using coupon code: TRYUS15

In Gentle Somatic Yoga and Somatic Wellness you will learn:

  • Practical and reliable tools for self-care and self-healing 
  • How to unwind from unconscious stress-based patterns stored in your body, ie pain, stiffness and lack of flexibility
  • How to lengthen and strengthen muscles while toning fascia and encouraging healthy bones and joints

back to an embodied state of optimal
health by practicing these 3 Videos

“Light House”

Dissolve stress and tension of the hips, back, shoulder and neck

“Restore The Core”

15-min home practice to relieve tight and sore muscles from head to toe

“Celtic Cross, Somatic Neck Release, and Looking over Shoulder”

Three Somatic Movement Flows in one video to release discomfort in the neck and shoulders

Tips And Guidelines For A Successful

Gentle Somatic Yoga® Practice

  • Move slow and smooth
  • Release all muscular effort in-between each repetition
  • Once you learn the movements, try them with eyes closed
  • Bring your body into shapes (configurations) that feel good and satisfying

Virtual Deep Dive Workshops

5 ½-hour livestream Event

Offered four times a year

These livestream Workshops are similar to our Somatic Sanctuaries, however there are two movement classes paired with two “learning laboratories” where you can write notes and ask questions about tailoring the Somatic Movement Flows for your practices. This is a great way to learn more about the method, neuroscience, and philosophy of Gentle Somatic Yoga. 

Join us for our next USA, Canda, Mexico and UK  Deep Dive on December 18th at 9am PT and for Australia, New Zealand and Asia on December 17th at 6pm PT ( 9am Perth time on Saturday December 18th). 

December’s theme is Winter tune-up:  Releasing old stress holding habits to allow space for something new to arise.

The best gift of all is Self-care. Our Somatic Movement Flows allow you to find peace in every moment.

Join us for 15% off our class price by using coupon code: DEEPDIVE15


  • What are some of your life stressors and how do they affect your body? 
  • Do you remember a time in your life where you mind and body felt in balance? 
  • When you feel an “Inner Yes” to a life choice, how does it register as and internal felt sensation? 

Thank you so very much James as I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly healing this time was with you and how comfortable I felt to be seen and feeling so deeply connected to my own body in a way that I never have already.

Working with you and continuing this practice really feels right for me and feeling such an incredible lightness and joy right now and such physical ease.

I have such deep reverence for you and for your presence and wisdom and so glad to have met you on the journey! ” 🙏😇

– Jeff Krisman

“Thank you, thank you for today’s session and for your very gentle guidance.  Today was very profound.  I have a feeling I will be settling into it, integrating and enfolding it into my body for a while.  I’ve put my afternoon on a pause while I show myself some grace and lie down for a bit….no going off and doing!” 

with love and peace,
Maria Knight

10 stars!-5 is not enough

“10 isn’t either, for how do you quantify someone so knowledgeable, so creative, with such dedication to healing , that in just the 1st session, he could [virtuallly!!] release decades of chronic muscular tension, all the while teaching me how to do this myself! to one friend I wrote, ‘James is a FIND.” even more so-in a world filled with therapeutic modalities for healing , James’ gentle somatic yoga is a GIFT-a gift of lifelong health you can give yourself.”

– Petey Floyd

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