The ONLINE Gentle Somatic Yoga®
& Somatic Wellness™ 100-hr Training Program

with Add-on Certification Optional

Take a Journey with us & Awaken the Possible!

Simple and reliable tools for self-care, self-healing, and to share these gifts with others.
Created by James Knight, E-RYT, CHSE

Explore this Life-Changing Curriculum
that you won’t find anywhere else!

Learn online in the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace. 

What you’ll learn:

  • In Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY) Training Levels 1 and 2 you will learn 54+ therapeutic and restorative sequences, called Somatic Movement Flows®, that significantly improve flexibility, enhance strength, reestablish better posture, and dissolve chronic pain.
  • In one of the main modules of the Gentle Somatic Yoga Level 3 Training James Knight offers his tried-and-true, hands-on techniques, from over 30 years in private clinical practice. He has helped countless people come out of chronic pain, stiffness, and other health challenges. These assisted pandiculation techniques are sought after for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, bodyworkers, and other health care professionals that offer customized on-on-one sessions.
  • Also, in GSY Level 3, you will learn how to modify most of the traditional 54+ Somatic Movement Flows (from GSY Levels 1 & 2) using a chair as a prop. These sequences are great for not only for seniors, but also for Corporate Wellness, deskworkers, and to utilize anytime we find ourselves in chair for long periods of time: airplanes, concerts, plays, car rides, etc…
  • Evidence-based and heart-guided self-care/self-healing techniques to amplify your immune system.
  • New appreciation and greater understanding of the difference between the main technique in Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) called pandiculation, versus static stretching. Also distinguish the difference between wellness and fitness.
  • New skills for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, bodyworkers, or healthcare professionals to share with their students/clients in group movement classes and/or private sessions. Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) are offered after the completion of each course.

Gentle Somatic Yoga® is a simple, practical and effective form of brain-to-muscle re-education that goes to the root cause of most chronic muscular pain: the way in which the brain senses, controls, and organizes muscles with movement. The result is living life with an embodied sense of ease and freedom through everyday activities.

We also offer in-person trainings for all three levels: L1, L2, and L3*, and livestream trainings for L1 and L2 . Visit our Current Events page for our current schedule. 

*In-person Level 3 is typically only offered once a year. 

Instead of committing to the full 100-hour All Levels program, you might consider signing up for our GSY Levels 1 & 2 discounted bundle!

The Journey Begins (GSY Level 1) and The Journey Continues (GSY Level 2) are offered now as a bundle. Receive a 15% discount off the purchase price when you register for both courses at the same time. This is a savings of $200. 

Certification add-on is optional for each course separately (not discounted) and you can apply any time. 

NOTE: Once you sign up for this offer, you can mix and match our online courses with in-person and livestream trainings into the future*.

*After you purchase the Level 1 and 2 Bundle, if you decide later to register for one of our in-person trainings, we will give you a discounted rate based on what you’ve already paid for tuition from the Level 1 & 2 courses. The difference you will pay for is lodging, meals, taxes, etc…

Who would benefit taking
this online training Program?

The Gentle Somatic Yoga® & Somatic Wellness Program has been designed for EVERY BODY – from the student who knows their best investment is learning how to stay in charge of their own health and well-being, to the experienced Movement Educator looking to enhance their skill set for group classes/workshops/retreats and personalized one-on-one sessions.

This well-rounded, easily adaptable, and reliable method attracts a wide variety of healthcare experts including: yoga teachers, yoga therapists, body-workers, dance teachers, occupational therapists, and trainers who would like to expand their scope of practice to include a more whole-body approach to healing. Upon successful completion of our 100-hr Training Program, you will be qualified to integrate 100+ Somatic Movement Flows® (SMFs) into your in-person or virtual classes, workshops, and/or other events.  

What does the Program’s Courses consist of?

The GSY Practitioner Levels 1 and 2 online courses are designed as follows:

Course Content

Course materials consist of an abundance of step-by-step videos accompanied by illustrated instructional handouts (that you can download), short quizzes, and valuable supplementary assignments for getting the most out of the courses.

Somatic Movement Flow® (SMF) Videos

Demonstrations by James Knight, GSY Faculty, and selected GSY Practitioners of the 100+ stand-alone SMFs, which include detailed explanations, modifications, and the latest enhancements that James and his current students have discovered in practice.

Supplemental Videos
  • Detailed presentations by James Knight explaining the neuroscience, history, philosophy, and methodology of GSY.
  • Full-length classes taught by James which are intended to inspire ideas of how Somatic Movement Flows can be selected and sequenced for home practices and/or classes & workshops.
  • A sampling of GSY student practice sessions captured during in-person courses. In these videos, you can witness how GSY can be personally translated and interpreted by each practitioner regardless of age or skill level.
Self Paced course

The courses are self-paced, not instructor paced. The self-paced instruction is flexible and can proceed based on learner’s responses.  With this idea in mind, all of the course materials are available as soon as the course begins.  While the course is sequenced, the student has the flexibility to move ahead or come back to a topic as many times as needed. While all assignments and exams must be completed to get the certificate, they do not have due dates. 

(Special note: If you are going to choose the certification option with GSY,  James will be expecting you to mirror facilitating your teachback video similar to the way you’ve been taught in the course. Upon certification, James encourages you to keep the neuroscience of GSY in its purity, however the way you uniquely express it in your classes/sessions, combined with your other skill sets you learned previous to GSY, is what makes you specialized in the field of movement education.)

Course Term

On average, it takes six months to complete both of the GSY L1 & L2 Training Courses. Our GSY L3 online training is not published yet, however it is offered in-person. However, depending on your schedule you could complete it in as little as a month and might need more than six months. If you’ve lost your momentum and would like some mentoring to get you going again please send us an email. We have GSY Faculty that would enjoy assisting you for a fee.


One of the many things that makes Gentle Somatic Yoga® unique is that the method is a continuously evolving practice. This is one of James’ main tenets.  James, his faculty and his students are encouraged to modify and enhance the Somatic Movement Flows® to both improve and explore the healing benefits. GSY embraces their students 100% and wholeheartedly supports their growth from the moment they enroll.

This is also why GSY emphasizes continuing education programs and other forums for the certified GSY teachers. This is how GSY evolves as James and his colleagues share ideas and innovations, along with what is working with their students/clients. James and his Faculty Team hold strong intention to make themselves available to respond to questions and comments, and encourage student engagement, feedback, and input.

Interested in Becoming Certified?

This is another benefit we have added for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, body workers, or healthcare practitioners who certify with GSY.  As an endorsed Gentle Somatic Yoga® Practitioner, you will be highlighted in our teacher directory on our website. As well, we can promote your events on social media and connect you with other skilled Movement Educators who have joined our growing international community. We will help you incorporate Gentle Somatic Yoga in either one-on-one customized sessions or in group movement classes, as part of your professional instruction service(s).


For more information or if you have questions, please email us.

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