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Somatic Sanctuary

A MONTHLY ongoing Livestream Workshop Series. This event is designed for our global audience. Check to see how this translates to your time zone. 

Next Theme ~ NEW FLOWS ~ Full body tune up ~ continuing to explore building muscle strength and bone density

Saturday, November 12th

10am & 5pm San Francisco & Vancouver | 1pm New York & Ottawa | 6p UK

*This session is facilitate by GSY Faculty, Lori Hill

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This ongoing series of Somatic Movement Workshops created by GSY founder, James Knight, happens each month with a new anatomical focus and theme. Through mindful movement, with the attitude of exploration, we connect with the abandoned parts of ourselves to become whole again. 

With this special November Somatic Sanctuary, James has invited GSY Faculty, Lori hill, to facilitate the 10am class because Lori has been developing a series of NEW somatic movements that are cutting edge, next level, and this practice is an example of how Gentle Somatic is always evolving to meet the needs of our demographic: Self-healing; Self-empowerment; Amplifying Life Force Energy; and of course… Deep Self Care!

If you are not able to make the livestream session, you can still access the replay and practice the class at your convience. AS WELL you can purchase this recording after the fact, if you weren’t able to sign up in time. 

Time: Each workshop is 1-hr with an optional 1/2-hr Q&A following. Many people like to stay the Q&A to ask questions about thier own body conditions or to learn more about the GSY method. 

Fee: sliding scale $5 – $20 USD. Recordings are available for 30 days.

Next Dates: For future dates beyond the current month, click the link below “Learn More”. 

Join us for our newest LIVESTREAM workshop ~ A Collaborative Gentle Somatic Yoga Deep Dive with Qigong

October 29, 2022

9am-11:30am PST (USA & Canada) & 5pm – 7:30 BST (UK)

Facilitated by GSY Founder, James Knight, and Qigong Yoga Flow Teacher, Alison Hughes

1-hour Gentle Somatic Yoga® and 1-hour Qigong Yoga Flow, with ½ hour optional Q&A 

Sliding scale offered: $35, $45 and $55

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Many people ask about complementary healing modalities/practices that are compatible with GSY… We are excited to introduce our first collaborative practice combining Qigong, Yoga Vinayasa Flows, and Somatic Movement Flows®. 
In this workshop, certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner Level 1, Alison Hughes, will teach Qigong 5 Elements Flow
The Five Elements represent the energy in nature, and inludes humuns. Each element connects to an internal organ, a body system, positive and negative emotions. Working with the elements demonstrates the interconnnectedness of all living things. They also highlight that  emotions effect the body, and the body effects the mind.
This Five Element routine helps us to find balance and harmony from the inside/out. The Five Elements include Water flowing down the mountain and becomes the trees (Wood). The trees reach up toward the sky to absorb the Fire of the sun. The sun awakens the life throughout the Earth, and earth condenses into the precious metals deep under the soil. Air is the element that joins, and adds life force to all the other elements.
We are all part of this five element cycle, and all the elements manifest within, keeping us connected to nature and the cosmos. The routine Alison will teach us balances all five elements within us. When the elements and energy is balanced inside, we feel happy, healthy and whole. This routine opens the meridian lines, the rivers of energy that flow through your body and energize the Whole Self (Soma).
Gentle Somatic Yoga® LIVESTREAM Deep Dive Workshop ~ Partnering with Dr. Keith Motes
Introducing: Shaking Medicine ~ Release trauma in the body and invigorate it with renewed life force! 

December 17, 2022

San Francisco | Tucson | Vancouver:
9am – 2:30pm PST and MST (Arizona)

Miami | New York | Ottawa: 12pm – 5:30pm EST

London Time: 5pm – 10:30pm BST 

James Knight, Founder of Gentle Somatic Yoga, and Dr. Keith Motes, Founder of Shaking Medicine. Shaking Medicine is a somatic therapy for embodying your instinctive therapeutic tremor mechanism.

 All are welcome!

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This Workshop is offered as a sliding scale to provide accessibility to those affected by the pandemic, and also unfavorable currency exchange rates. 

$80 – $100 – $120 USD

In addition, for an additional 20% discount you can use this coupon code upon checkout: CURRENCY20

During this livestream workshop you will learn how to release/integrate truama in your body, go deeper into learning how to tap into your own somatic intelligence, and make generative decisions for every day living.

Practice and explore:

  • Two Somatic based movement classes to help you learn simple and reliable techniques that will help you unwind from deep stress holding patterns within your soma.
  • Two sessions of reviewing each Somatic movement sessions. These “learning laboratory” classes hold intent for you being able to ask questions and customize these techniques into your daily home practices. 
  • Therapuetic tremoring to help unwind from deep subconscious stress-related patterns within your soma (body).
  • Somatic movements that relieve muscle pain, significantly increase your flexibility, and generate a feeling of peace & wellbeing. 
  • New skills that you can implement into your classes or private sessions if you are a yoga teacher/therapist, bodyworker or health care professional that supports your students getting long lasting results

Yoga Instructors may claim 4.50 CEU hours for this event through Yoga Alliance, and Yoga Therapists can apply for IAYT CEUs


All sessions are livestreamed and recorded.* If you are unable to join us live for a portion of the sessions you will have access to the video recordings for 30 days after the program ends. Recordings are usually emailed within 3 days and are available to program participants only.  

*James and Keith will be the only ones spotlighted for most of the sessions. The exception is during the Q & A. You’re welcome to turn off your camera if you don’t wish your image to be recorded.

    In-Person GSY Level 1 Training in Sayulita, Mexico!

    Theme for GSY L1: Your Healing Journey Begins with a Supportive Foundation

    Dates: March 4-11, 2023

    Although many participants attracted to this training are Movement Educators, you don’t need to be a yoga teacher/therapist or bodyworker to take this course. Anyone interested in learning new tools to take charge of their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health are welcome.

    Save your spot now with your deposit. Payment plans also available.

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    Your Journey Begins in beautiful Sayulita, Mexico!

    Join James Knight, Founder of Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY) for an unforgettable vacation getaway while you continue your educational journey with GSY.

    James has been coming to Sayulita, Mexico almost every year since 2012 and it is one of his favorite places in the world. Not only will you be empowered with new skills for personal and/or professional development, be ready for some great surprises of local culture, secluded beaches, yummy food, and more…   Also, you are invited to bring a friend or family members to join you if they don’t mind waiting until your breaks to spend time with you (trust us… they won’t be bored!).

    Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) is a simple, practical and effective form of brain-to-muscle re-education that goes to the root cause of most chronic muscular pain:  the way in which the brain senses, controls, and organizes muscles with movement. The result is living life with an embodied sense of ease and freedom through everyday movement and vibrant health.


    Join us for these unique, one-of-a-kind experiences!

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