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GSY Events at Jai Yoga, Seoul, South Korea

January 17 – 20, 2019

Seoul, South Korea

James Knight, E-RYT, Certified Hanna Somatic Educator, will be in Seoul, South Korea for the first time in January 2019!

Jan. 17 Thurs 3:00PM – 4:30PM, Apgujeong Center – for 60+ladies

Jan. 18 Friday 3:00PM – 6:00PM, Apgujeong Center – Workshop – sold out

Jan. 19 Saturday 1:00PM – 2:30PM, Chungdam Center – Intro class – sold out

Jan. 20 Sunday 1:00PM – 4:00PM, Apgujeong Center – Workshop – sold out

All abilities and ages welcome!

GSY Teacher Level 3 Certification Course

February 16 – 23, 2019

Chacala, Mexico (near Puerto Vallarta) 

GSY 3: The Future Soma  – Taught by James Knight and co-facilitator Teya Alden  

  • 1/3 of the course will be devoted to modifying Somatic Movement Flows for people sitting in a chair; e.g. the deskworker, seniors, and corporate wellness. 
  • 1/3 of the course will be devoted to learning customized hands-on techniques. James will share his tried-and-true clinical protocols used to address the most commonly presenting complaints from clients and students, e.g. low back, shoulder, neck, and hip pain. 
  • 1/3 of the course will be taking Gentle Somatic Yoga off the floor, chairs, and tables, and into being upright, moving from the mat out into the world.


Join James as he guides you through his 20-minute Gentle Somatic Yoga Home Practice Session. You will also be subscribed to the GSY newsletter.

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