I just finished all the movements. My pain is gone and I plan on going to bed without Advil for the first time in 10 days. Thank you!

– Patrick

I have had vertigo and TMJ for two weeks running. After just one treatment with James, I woke up with no dizziness and my face feels amazingly different (no tension). I received a wonderful list of home instructions to use between now and my next visit. Very soothing stuff! I am so impressed. I highly recommend this very unique process for anyone suffering from this condition.
James is a gem!

Kathleen Dolphin

I want to send you a ginormous THANK YOU for our session earlier this week and for your beautiful contribution to my well-being.  My body continued to feel better and better with each hour that passed and into the next day.  
Again, thank you for you and for the sharing of your gifts.


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