Teacher Training

Teacher Training FAQs

Why is it necessary to begin with GSY Level 1 if I already have experience?

Each subsequent Level has a prerequisite of having successfully completed the
prior Level, either in-person or online. For example, you must have successfully completed the Level 1 Course in order to be eligible for Level 2 Course. The certification option must be purchased separately for each Level completed.

Gentle Somatic Yoga is an art of movement that has been synthesized into a
completely unique and cutting-edge modality by James from his lifetime of
research and study. This includes yoga, Hanna Somatic Education, transpersonal and body-oriented psychotherapy (e.g. Core Energetics), shamanistic techniques, as well as his 25+ years of experience as a body worker.

In becoming certified in Gentle Somatic Yoga, the practitioner also undertakes their own educational and experiential journey in order to embody its methodology, philosophy and principles. Nothing else can substitute for that process.

Do I have to wait until I finish the course to start using it?

You can begin to use these flows immediately. Completing our courses gives you the ability to list your offerings with the title: “Gentle Somatic Yoga inspired” as you teach or guide people.

Can I use Gentle Somatic Yoga when promoting my classes or workshops?
  1. If you complete our courses, you have the ability to list your offerings with the title: “Gentle Somatic Yoga inspired” as you teach or guide people. If you become a Gentle Somatic Yoga Certified Teacher by purchasing the add on certification, you would then be able to use the Gentle Somatic Yoga Practitioner title to add credibility and education to your business and practice.
How Can I Apply My Education And Certification?

Expand your scope of practice by teaching customizable Gentle Somatic Yoga classes to your population. Have the option for designing targeted classes based on your student and client needs.

Experienced yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and movement educators can develop advanced classes and workshops to support the next step in movement as a healing art for their students. Apply the principles of Gentle Somatic Yoga and provide workshops and programs to help with common physical conditions such as neck and shoulder tension, chronic back pain, tight hips and hamstrings. If you are already working with specialty populations, Gentle Somatic Yoga will distinguish your expertise in the field.

If you are a teacher/educator looking to address a niche demographic such as the desk worker, Senior, beginning yoga students, plus sizes, pregnancy, cancer survivors, PTSD/trauma, etc., this practice is a terrific way to establish yourself as a specialist in the field.

Physicians, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, and other practitioners can teach stand-alone Somatic Movement Flows to their clients and patients. The new skill set you will learn through this Gentle Somatic Yoga training will dramatically advance all therapeutic and healing processes.

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