Somatic Wellness & Adventure Retreats

Experience the Extraordinary, Together in Community

You are invited to join James Knight for an exotic and exciting adventure (off the beaten path!) to unique destinations around the world. The intention of each Somatic Wellness Retreat is to awaken your senses, rejuvenate your body and inspire your soul.

The Ultimate Healing and Adventure Vacation!

Our retreats are ideal if you:


Desire to feel restored and renewed as a result of your travel


Love adventures through experiencing unique cultures, incredible cuisine and awe-inspiring destinations


Enjoy feeling connected to a soul-nourishing community


Want to learn and experience how to be more free in your body & being

What to expect?

Each Somatic Wellness Retreat is a blended balance of exploration, restoration, and healing. Each day begins with a nourishing Gentle Somatic Yoga class, where James guides you through Somatic Movement Flows® designed to release tension from your body.  The intention of the classes are to equip you with techniques that you can incorporate into your daily life following the retreat.

Each day, we venture out on an excursion, such as visiting ancient ruins or sailing on a private yacht, depending on retreat location (of course).  Some retreats offer a late-afternoon class option of meditation or relaxing breathwork.  Each evening, the group reunites around a dinner table to relish in delightful local cuisine and to share our experiences from our day together.  

Each Retreat offers plenty of personal downtime, so you can explore local shopping, get a spa treatment, or rest peacefully in a hidden nook. We also invite you to consider bringing a friend, partner, parent or entire family on the retreat with you.  It may be possible to have them stay on the property without participating with the Retreat itself. They can join you at meals and evening downtime. Participants can choose to participate (or not) in any classes, workshops or excursions that are offered. The world is your oyster!

What retreats do you offer?

All retreats will prompt you to join a waiting list to be notified when registration is open!

With careful consideration, James personally selects each retreat destination so that we immerse ourselves in a unique culture.  We do the research for you and discover the “insider’s scoop” into each destination to find treasures and off-the-beaten-path activities, with every activity intended to inspire.  For example, during our retreat in Bali, we had custom temple clothes made for each participant and went to ceremonies that hadn’t been performed in over 100 years.  While in Slovenia & Croatia, we secured private access into the area’s finest wineries where we indulged in 5-star gourmet meals. 

“I joined the retreat to Mexico hoping that I could unwind from chronic pain symptoms and other stresses. This retreat went beyond my expectations and had incredible transformative experiences! James is an amazing facilitator, the food was excellent, and I’ve made some new friends for life!”
– Cory J  

“One of the things I like best about James’s retreats and workshops is the care and attention to detail he brings to his offerings. I always feel safe, well fed, fully engaged, and completely at ease. And the community James builds nourishes my soul every time.”
– Steve G

“I highly recommend any retreat that James creates! His love of life and what he does shines through. Happy travels!” -Michele R

Upcoming Retreats


Each day begins with a rejuvenating Gentle Somatic Yoga class with meditation. The rest of the day is balanced with outdoor adventures and free time to explore on your own. We’ve had so much success with these customized retreats that many participants return for the experience of conscious community and also to be further inspired by a balanced lifestyle.

There is a lot of well-thought-out planning to make each Somatic Wellness and Adventure Retreat unique and exotic. Through ample research we discover the “insider’s scoop” into each destination to find treasures and off-the-beaten-path type of activities. For example in Bali 2016, we had custom temple clothes made for each participant and went to ceremonies that hadn’t been performed in over 100 years. In Slovenia & Croatia 2017 we had private access into the finest wineries and 5 star gourmet meals.

Adventure Awaits!

Please join us! These are the destinations presently under consideration. Click the grapics below to join the waiting list for the following retreats and be notified when registration  opens.

The following are still being planned for 2029 and beyond!

Mediterranean yacht tour, Panama, Singapore, Argentina and Peru, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Northern India, Nepal, Southern India- Pacha Kahma, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and more to come!! Fill out our wait list for new announcements and tell us where you’d like us to go next!!

Photos from previous retreats

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