Level 2: The Journey Continues

Energy Body & Emotions

Your Healing Journey continues through an increased awareness of the connection between your physical body, emotional body, and your energetic body.

As you know, your biggest investment is your health. Gentle Somatic Yoga® is a science-proven AND heart-based method to empower you with continued skills for self-care and self-healing.

 In this online course, you will learn:

  • 29 ADDITIONAL Somatic Movement Flows®
  • Practices from the fields of Core Energetics and Bioenergetics to enliven and increase harmony within you auric field and your chakra system
  • Deeper understanding and embodiment of the GSY philosophical underpinnings

This self-paced course is right for you if:

  • You want to take your own self-care to the next level
  • You want to gain more energy, confidence, and insight
  • You want to learn ways to free yourself from mental and emotional stress (retrain your nervous system) 
  • You want to boost your immune system
  • You want to develop an ongoing home practice of Somatic Movement and meditation
  • You are a yoga teacher, therapist, or bodyworker and want to add more healing skills to your toolkit so you can assist your students/clients 
  • You are looking to expand your capacity to hold presence for others and deepen the experience of grounding and peace for yourself in each moment.

What You Will Learn

  • 29+ Additional therapeutic Somatic Movement Flows® for self-care, emotional resilience, general health and well-being. These Flows are different from the ones learned in the GSY Level 1 course.
  • A variety of innovative techniques designed to enliven the energetic body (aura and chakras). These powerful tools from Core Energetics and Bioenergetics support mental, emotional and spiritual freedom.
  • Discovering ways to practice the GSY method that are suitable and effective for each unique soma/body. Emphasis will be on finding your own inner teacher through direct experience (experiential) and relying less on “doing it right” according to traditional hierarchical instruction or demonstration. 
  • How to develop an embodied experience of wellness that will build confidence for continued self-healing.
  • How to practice mindful and compassionate everyday movement in a way that inspires a deeper loving connection with your body.
  • More ways to share your knowledge and skills with people you care about, whether you are an instructor or not.
  • For teachers: leading-edge neuroscience balanced along with heart-based wisdom
  • For Teachers: Tips, modifications and guidelines on how to incorporate GSY into your own group classes and private session niche.

Your generous evaluation had me beaming all weekend. Yes, there were a few tears. I love this practice and I love sharing it with my students. Becoming a Gentle Somatic Yoga practitioner has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Your online course is excellent, but I must take one level with you in-person. Your invitation to take level 3 and consider becoming a faculty member blows me away! Just 2 1/2 years ago I was working as an administrator at a university. I left that job when the work environment became intolerable and started my journey to becoming a GSY practitioner.

– Marian, online L2 student

I’ve really enjoyed GSY Level 2. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to complete the program this fall.  I look forward to work with energy, the aura, and chakras in my classes. My experience giving Reiki to friends pre-pandemic affirms that I’m meant to do more as an energy healer.

My COVID buddy, Kim, agreed to be my case study for this course. She performed the somatic movement flows several times each week for over a month. I commented on her commitment. She said: “I do them because they make a difference.”  She was amazed that the TFL Release targeted the muscle that was causing her pain. She was more amazed that she very soon erased the pain by doing the movements regularly.

I’ve been able to teach a little this fall, and it has been so gratifying to hear how the movements have improved my student’s quality of life: less pain when walking, better sleep, etc. It’s a Miracle Moment every time. ”

View our online Course Outline for additional information


Interested in Becoming Certified?

This is another benefit we have added for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, body workers, or healthcare practitioners who certify with GSY.  As an endorsed Gentle Somatic Yoga® Practitioner, you will be highlighted in our teacher directory on our website. As well, we can promote your events on social media and connect you with other skilled Movement Educators who have joined our growing international community. We will help you incorporate Gentle Somatic Yoga in either one-on-one customized sessions or in group movement classes, as part of your professional instruction service(s).

To Learn More About the Philosophy, Neuroscience and the possiblites found through the practice of Gentle Somatic Yoga, click link below

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