Arlene Curry

British Columbia, Canada

Gentle Somatic Yoga Certifications:
Practitioner ~ Level 1 and 2

Other Certifications:

About Arlene Curry

I began yoga at the age of eighteen after reading Richard Hittlemans’s ’21 days of yoga’, later attended Kripalu classes with Anne Douglas in Canmore. In the late 80’s I delved deeper into meditation, spirituality and the new age movement, eventually moving back to Victoria, B.C. continuing my yoga practice with Jenny Hyndman. On her suggestion I took my Integral yoga teacher training at Swaimi Satchidananada’s Ashram in Charlottesville, Virginia. By 2004 I was certified and teaching Integral yoga. After a year of teaching I hurt my back and discontinued yoga for a time.

In 2013 I began taking somatic classes with Monica Crane at Breathing Space in Brentwood Bay, B.C. During a retreat with the Breathing Space group in Mexico I experienced a healing and decided to come back to teaching, and share my new passion: Gentle Somatic Yoga.
I completed Practitioner Level 1 and 2 with James Knight in 2017 and will be taking level 3 in Mexico in 2019. Currently I am teaching two classes a week at Breathing Space and am passionate about the healing properties of Somatics.



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