Claire Swetha

Fife/Edinburgh, Fife, Scotland

Gentle Somatic Yoga Certifications:
Gentle Somatic Yoga Level 1

Other Certifications:
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About Claire Swetha

website is being built so just FB business page for now

 I’m based in Fife, Scotland (mostly do stuff in Edinburgh venues though) 

44 (Uk) 7594-932270

My address is Broom Cottage,  Lomond Road,  Freuchie, KY15 7HF  

Hello there!   I’ve had many years experience facilitating spiritual healing retreats so a lot of my skills are self taught – learned on the job so to speak.  These retreats incorporated meditation, self-inquiry, shamanic energy healing and movement/dance meditation.  I developed my own intuitive therapeutic dance practice when I was a teenager;  I have always used dance for healing and meditation, even when I was a little kid.    Over the years, as I studied Shamanism and Energy Healing and I incorporated elements of these practices into my dance.   While running a small retreat centre a few years ago, I ‘unleashed’ this practice onto the public and taught this meditative dance practice to help retreat participants develop a deeper connection with their bodies.  As I am audio-kinaesthetic (I feel as well as hear music),  I am passionate about helping clients open up to subtle ‘listening’ in their bodies. I have even had professional dancers and yoga teachers in my classes who have discovered new levels of understanding of this Soma listening sense.   On the opposite end of the scale I have had clients who claimed to be incapable of dancing who were astonished to find they could!   

 Gentle Somatic Yoga is a beautiful and profound addition to this practice. 

  • I am trained as a Medical Herbalist (BSc hons) (2006) 
  • certified  NLP therapist (coach)   (2006)
  • Shamanic Energy Healing – Apprenticeship, Marc Blausten Energy healing (2010)
  • Featherstone Energy Healing (Edinburgh Shamanic Center – 2007) 
  • May 2019;  Medicine Dance (Fred Sugerman) , Facilitator’s Training

I have the attitude that ANYONE at ANY age can consciously move their body and enjoy it.   I always use gentle encouragement and my skill is in helping people feel at ease with whichever way their Soma wishes to express itself and whatever physical ability they have.    For me the intention is to ‘Embody Presence’ (the name of my business), to develop a deep connection with the physical body and turn down the volume on the Ego-mind.  

I am intrigued by the relationship between sound vibration and the soma.    My classes do carry a dance ‘flavor’ to them.  I always use music to help guide and hold people and sometimes work with Sound Journeying (Singing bowls etc).   The general pattern to my class is to take people through some centering and grounding meditation,  gentle somatic movement flows, breath work, energy healing inspired Chi-gong which sometimes leads into a little dancing if the class is in the right space for it.   I’ve had many years as a space holder and shamanic healer so I always work very intuitively.     




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