Jacci Gruninger

Los Alamos, New Mexico -- United States

Gentle Somatic Yoga Certifications:
Gentle Somatic Yoga Level 1

Other Certifications:

About Jacci Gruninger

Jacci is the owner/operator of High Mountain Wellbeing. She believes yoga gave her the tools to be awake and aware so she can move through her life open to possibility, learning, and change. Jacci loves circles and spirals and how they both seem to flow continuously just like we do in life. In Jacci’s life, she feels she is always spiraling toward new things and at the same time circling back to remember what came before. Now, in her “middle years,” she sees that she chose a career path that has resulted in a positive impact on humankind and the planet. Through her ongoing education both formal and self-study in wellness, yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, gentle somatic yoga, somatic therapy, and Thai massage, Jacci has created a healing space for all beings. Jacci helps clients and students explore, connect and balance their relationships with the deepest aspects of themselves. Her goal is to continue making a positive impact on humans by being true to their highest, most alive selves.

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