Jacqui Gunnion

Bridgehill, Durham, United Kingdom

Gentle Somatic Yoga Certifications:
GSY Online Level 1 and 2

Other Certifications:

About Jacqui Gunnion

I’m Jacqui Gunnion and I’m a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher based in the  North East of England. I started practicing Hatha Yoga way back in 1994 when I decided that having reached the grand old age of 30 I needed to take better care of myself! Yoga became a huge part of my life and the more I practiced the more I wanted to share the benefits I discovered with other people. With that in mind I went on to train as a Yoga teacher and qualified in 2009. Since them I’ve been offering classes and workshops in my local area in beautiful County Durham. I am absolutely passionate about Yoga being accessible to everyone regardless of age or ability so when I went to an event with Tara Sellars in 2018 which introduced me to Gentle Somatic Yoga I was absolutely captivated! I decided there and then that I wanted to learn more both from a personal perspective and because I thought that these simple but effective techniques with their basis in modern scientific research would resonate with my students as well. In 2019 I completed my level 1 training with Tara and Sol Brandt. Everyone in my classes loved the new approach – so much so that I decided to deepen my knowledge and experience and I went on to complete the Level 2 course online in 2020. For more information about me and my classes including online sessions and workshops do check out my website and get in touch!

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