Lindsay Collins

British Columbia, Canada

Gentle Somatic Yoga Certifications:
Practitioner ~ Level 1

Other Certifications:

About Lindsay Collins

It is her privilege to assist others in finding more internal space where the spirit can feel free from earthly stresses through a body and mind that feels quiet and spacious. 

Lindsay began leading groups of people in various forms of movement and exercise many moons ago at the YWCA in Toronto. The times, her pregnant body, and her curiosity led her to a yoga where she discovered the sanctity of slowing down, breathing consciously, and the power of interception.

So many teachers both directly and indirectly have, and continue to, influence her classes. Some of these include Judith Hansen Lasater, Sarah Powers, Bo Forbes, Martha Peterson, Katy Bowman, her students, Peter A. Levine, Sharon Abbondanza, Gabor Mate, sobriety, Susi Hately, Waldorf education, Tara Brach, her children and husband, and our ultimate teacher; Mamma Nature.



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