Virginia Masse

Alberta, Canada

Gentle Somatic Yoga Certifications:
Practitioner ~ Level 1 and 2

Other Certifications:

About Virginia Masse

Health and fitness have always been a part of my life. Being athletically inclined, success in this area came with ease. It was also very natural for me to empower others to grow and challenge themselves personally.

Chronic pain from an MVA ended my extremely active lifestyle in 2008 and it was to no surprise that it led me to my yoga journey by 2010.

I still struggled though, to slow down and go within my practice. Inviting harmony within my body/mind connection was a great challenge. I soon realized that even with integrative yoga modalities, less really was more, in order to activate my relaxation response. From here I paid attention to my compensations, where I held tension that had become chronic over the next few years and empowered myself to always improve my health choices.

My classes capitalize on my ability to incorporate Therapeutic/Somatic based yoga techniques. Releasing muscle tension from a place of ease with soft gentle movement, effective support for the body and time in a pose, all within your practice. I strongly believe in the importance of holistic health, integrating a few practice styles to address the root of the issues. My attention to detail with each student is on breath awareness during mindful movements, to create space in the body and a shift with neuro muscular re-education.

Making connections with like-minded people, sparking ideas, learning and sharing, all fuel me to be an active, creative and involved integrative yoga practitioner.

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