Level 3: The Journey Advances

Customized Therapeutic Sessions with Hands-on Techniques

Your Journey Advances

Gentle Somatic Yoga® Level 3 Online Course

*** We are officially in our first rollout of the GSY Level 3 ONLINE program. Those of you who have purchased the online all-level course bundle and those who select this option or the level 3 online course a la carte, will be added to our pioneer group to experience these videos with online content that has never been offered before. You can officially purchase level 3 online and will get access to this content through our monthly delivery of 5+ videos at a time, as well as color illustrated step-by-step instructions in PDF format. When we complete this process, the entire course will be uploaded in a similar fashion as levels 1 & 2 and you will have access to that version of the course as well.***

Also, please check our Event Page, as we have been offering GSY L3 in-person once a year — August 2024 will be a hybrid version with 2 weekends online and  weekend intensive located in Tucson, Arizona at a retreat like ranch your soma will surely enjoy. 

Gentle Somatic Yoga Level 3 ONLINE course is divided into two main modules:

  • MODULE 1: Assisted Pandiculation: An extremely effective technique utilized for customized one-on-one sessions with patients, clients, or students.
  • MODULE 2: 59+ Somatic Movement Flows® modified for using a chair as a prop. Great for corporate wellness, seniors, or for anyone with limited mobility.

GSY Level 3: Overview

GSY Level 3: Assisted Pandiculation

GSY Level 3: The Future Soma

One of the many Highlights of GSY Level 3

Assisted Pandiculation

James Knight offers his tried-and-true customized hands-on techniques from over 30 years being in private clinical practice. He has helped hundreds people come out of chronic pain, stiffness, and other health challenges. Now the batton can be passed on to you! This method is particulary sought out by yoga therapists, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, and other health care professionals that offer on-on-one sessions.

This self-paced course is right for you if:

  • You are a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Bodyworker, Personal Trainer, Occupational Therapist, Dance Teacher, or anyone who works with clients one-on-one and/or in groups 
  • You are a caregiver and want to help people who are living with chronic pain
  • You want to be, or already are a facilitator of corporate wellness programs
  • You are a layperson interested in moving smarter, feeling better, relieving aches and pains, and minimizing disease risk
  • You are someone who wants to learn how to move with more pleasure and ease during your everyday activities and movement

“Of all the teachers I found online, James’ style of teaching quickly became my favorite and regular go to.  I was impressed with his experience, passion, dedication and the way he communicates is clear, well paced and fun.  There is no one else on the internet teaching this that can come close to his level of teaching.”

– Patricia Grosh

What You Will Learn

Out of the comfort of your own home this self-paced course will invite you to dive deeper into understanding how to apply the neuroscience of your past GSY training by evaluating your student & clients’ needs and choosing the best protocol for them.

Conditions and symptoms that the new protocols you’ll learn in GSY Level-3 can significantly help or eliminate:

Chronic Low Back Pain | Neck Tension | Frozen shoulder | Pelvic Floor Disorder

Leg Spasms & Cramps | Sciatica | Multiple Sclerosis | TMJ | Fibromyalgia |  Scoliosis | Poor Posture

Whiplash | Sports Injuries | Surgeries (Hip and Knee Replacements) | and Many Others 

This Online Course is divided into two main modules:

Assisted Pandiculation

Customized hands-on therapeutic protocol sequences for use with one-on-one sudent & client sessions to address common physical complaints and conditions.

Somatic Movement Flows® adapted for the chair

Learn how to modify Somatic Movement Flows using a chair as a prop. Great for Active Seniors, Corporate Wellness, and Deskworkers


The delivery of our in-person GSY Level 3 course is slightly different than our online version. Focus will be primarily on the Assisted Pandiculation technique. The reason being is that there are enhancements that can only be taught and transmuted live. This course has proven to be in high demand, mostly because of its effectiveness, but also because it’s education that you will not find anywhere else. 

Note: If you’ve signed up for our GSY Level 3 online course, either stand-alone, or as part of a bundle, and decide you’d like to take Level 3 in-person, we will give you a discounted rate based on what you’ve already paid for tuition from the Level 3 course.

GSY Level 3 is usually offered in-person once a year. Visit our Event Page to view if we have anything currently scheduled.


This 36-hour Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) Level 3 course completes the GSY 100-hour Training Program, and counts towards 100 CONTACT HOURS*

*Prerequisite for taking GSY Level 3: Completion of GSY Practitioner Level-1 and Level-2 training courses (either in-person, livestream, or online)

A Conscious Conversation with James Knight, being interviewed by Integral Yoga Director, Avi Gordon – YouTube Interview

“This special 1-hour interview with one of my teachers, mentors and brother of a different mother/father, James Knight.  He always blows me away with his interviews because I feel that he expresses exactly my thoughts and approach to both life and the sharing of yoga and yoga consciousness…”

Kimberly Freesh ~ Certified Gentle Somatic Yoga Level 3 Teacher

View the Course Outline for additional information

How can I apply this education to my existing profession?

Once you have completed GSY Levels 1,2 and 3, a total of 100 hours of Gentle Somatic Yoga, you are now a highly qualified* Somatic Movement Educator who is fully certified to work in many settings (in-person and virtual events).  Your scope of practice can safely and successfully include hands-on adjustments, customized one-on-one sessions and Gentle Somatic Yoga workshops, classes and retreats for all levels of clients and students. 

*You may be qualified to organize and facilitate GSY Level 1 & Level 2 training courses (live or virtually, and with certification option). In addition, there may be a possibility of collaborating with James Knight by bringing your own expertise/skill sets and developing new unique GSY programs. 


Earn 36 hours of Yoga Alliance approved CEU’s for this GSY Level 3 online course. Yoga Therapists may also apply for IAYT CEU’s.

Yoga Therapists: Here are the categories you can use for applying for CEU’s with our training programs

NOTE TO CUSTOMER: The payment choices on this page reflect: $745 paid in full; $273 three month payment plan; $143 six month payment plan. Once you click on the number of courses you want to purchase, click “Add to Cart” and you will see the summary of your choice before entering the rest of your information.  The cost for the add-on Certification option is an extra $250. Please see the info below.

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