After one year in the making our new website is now live! 

Continue taking a journey with us….

Life is a journey… and learning skills for self-care is a journey as we enter different phases in our lives. We begin or continue somewhere on a path because our spirit is calling us forward to have new experiences. 

Sometimes, along the it is helpful to have guides. Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) and Somatic Wellness™ Founder, James Knight, his GSY Practitioners, and the GSY Team are here to support you with your health and wellness! 

Watch James Knight’s announcement video HERE

Here are some new categories for you to discover on our new GSY website:

First, our biggest addition is the announcement of our Somatic Wellness Brand. (You may have noticed we added that to our Gentle Somatic Yoga logo awhile back?)

Our intention for this category is to:

  • Offer easy and reliable everyday self-care tools to a wider audience. These methods are accessible for everyBODY regardless of age, background, or skill level. No knowledge or experience of yoga is necessary. 
  • Empower you with the newest science-proven and heart-based discoveries on how to maintain vibrant health. 
  • Inspire more people to enjoy feeling freer in their bodies. (This might include people that consider themselves overweight, not flexible, or not confident to move in a room with others). 
  • Invite athletes to improve their strength, flexibility, and performance. 
  • Evolve together in a conscious global community where we can share information, support each other, and make meaningful connections. 

Gentle Somatic Yoga Training Programs!

These programs are not only designed for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, movement educators, bodyworkers, and other healthcare professionals… but they are for anyone wanting to take charge of their health!

We offer continuing education units. For Yoga Therapists, please know we are working to get accredited to offer IAYT CEUs, but for the moment we can give you the specific codes to help you apply.

Certification is always optional. You can choose to add the certification (purchased separately for each level) at any time: during your training purchase, while you’re taking the training or after you complete the course! There is no time limit and it is at your own pace!

We want to highlight that you can mix and match our online, in-person events or livestream training to complete our 100-hour training Program.

(we are expanding our in-person, online, and livestream courses. If you are taking our full 100-hr program, these courses can be mixed and matched in-person or online. Certification has always been optional, but we’ve created a program for mentorship and other ways to get the support you need to feel prepared to teach your own classes or offer clients one-on-one customized sessions. 

we’ve made it more convenient to give you the support you need to receive an integrated.)  

What is it that makes Somatic Wellness and Adventure retreats so unique?

  • James Knight is known for taking groups of people on healing and spiritual retreats around the world. Now that travel restrictions are lifting, we are excited to find new exotic destinations to explore! 
  • Many people have life transforming experiences on these trips… Some find deep healing with persistent body conditions they’ve been living with, and others unwind from busy lives. It all depends on what your intentions are. 
  • Making new friends with other like minded/hearted people.

If you are single and don’t want to travel alone, come meet the Somatic Tribe… We will do the research to find the in’s and out’s of being in foreign places. All you have to do is get yourself to the destination. Once you are there let us take care of the rest of the details! 

  • Get to know about other cultures and find activities to explore that are “off the beaten path”:  ceremonies, sacred sites, nature preserves, natural hot springs, and local artists of all mediums (to name a few…!). 

Here is a link to our Somatic Wellness and Adventure Retreat page to find our next and future trips. 

Visit us at today. Please let us know what you think, we’d be happy to hear your feedback. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Click HERE.

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