There is a miracle happening in this moment and in every moment. Claim it now and make it yours!


Quantum physics has demonstrated that physical change can come about simply by using the mind’s creative ability to visualize. This is why practitioners of Gentle Somatic Yoga are encouraged to creatively explore visualization techniques while engaging the practice’s various Somatic Movement Flows®. They are especially purposeful for situations involving compromised mobility, e.g. post-surgery, post-accident & post-trauma recovery, bed-bound, chair bound, etc.

There is one Somatic Movement Flow in particular which demonstrates how neuromuscular re-education occurs equally well through applied intent as it does with physical enactment. The Flow is called Miracle Moment, and the astonishing testimonial that follows speaks to its visualization technique’s profound effectiveness. Here is the testimonial, recently received from one of our GSY Level 1 students:

About 3 weeks ago Judy came to me for private yoga classes. She suffered a severe stroke 9 years ago, which left her almost paralysed down the right side of her body. Her right arm was pulled up against her body, and the fingers of this hand were “clawed”.

In all 3 sessions we incorporated the flow sequence “Miracle Moment” on the more mobile side of her body, and just visualised doing the sequence on her restricted side. She told me she felt a lot of tingling in her hands after doing the sequence.

Well, to my utter astonishment, she came to class this week and showed me how she can now straighten out the fingers of the hand on her more restricted side and almost straighten her arm out!! This is the first time she has been able to straighten out her fingers for 9 years!

I am so amazed at the progress she is making after such a short time. Surely this has to be a true miracle moment.

I am just bursting to get through the rest of my Level 1 teacher’s training course and beyond now – what I have experienced with Judy is just amazing.

The impact and importance of intention when combined with visualization –as is witnessed by Judy’s results– affirms the claim that Gentle Somatic Yoga is beneficial regardless of age or physical ability. It also highlights the fact that GSY is not only a highly effective heart-centered practice, but an equally important science-based one as well.

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