Thursday kicked off the Holiday Season for many, and with it, stress that can show up in the form of tight shoulders and stiff necks that can result in tension headaches and/or overall fatigue. I want to help anyone who might show signs of these symptoms with my offering of weekly videos.

This week’s Somatic Movement Flow® is called Nodding Yes with Self Massage variations’. It will guide you into innovative ways to dissolve tension in this part of your body. You’ll notice I modified this Flow for the chair with hopes that you can practice this anywhere: on the plane, at your desk, or while watching a movie on the couch 😊.

As mentioned above, this Flow can be especially helpful to prevent or manage headaches. Be sure to not “overdo it” by pressing too hard with your fingers, or staying in a stretch too long (not more than 3 seconds!). Move in a way that feels good and nourishing to your body!

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Did you know…

Tension headaches affect about 1.6 billion people (21.8% of the population) followed by migraine headaches which affect about 848 million people worldwide every year! 

Although there can be many causes of headaches and migraines, Gentle Somatic Yoga® may be able to help prevent, diminish, or abort this unpleasant experience.

From a body (soma) level anything you can do to lessen muscle tension in the face, scalp, neck, shoulders and upper back, can significantly help headaches and promote overall relaxation. Included in this blog is a self-care video above that you can try on your own and experience the benefits.  

More things to ponder: 

If you would enjoy learning more about this subject, I thought it could be helpful to review the human nervous system, specifically alpha brainwaves and the parasympathetic nervous system because understanding this might inspire more ways to learn for self-correction. In Gentle Somatic Yoga®, the practitioner is not only repatterning muscles to a more optimum length (flexibility), he/she is also mindfully retraining the nervous system. This is done specifically through the art of interoception, breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation. 

In review of the brainwave states: 

Beta brainwave dominant: happens during our normal waking state when attention is directed towards cognitive tasks like engaging in problem solving, judgment, decision making, or focused mental activity. Emotionally this state can be provoked by worrying and/or, feeling defensive.

Alpha brainwave dominant: happens when one is more in a calm, neutral, and receptive place of acceptance. This is more of a “witness” state where one can observe without reacting…. Emotionally this state can be enhanced by being relaxed, trusting, and peaceful…

Theta brainwave dominant: happens when one is daydreaming… or just about to fall asleep and there is a vague awareness of images and symbols within the mind’s eye… this is the intriguing space between conscious and the subconscious worlds… Emotionally this state is achieved when one is not “trying”… it happens when we are super relaxed and drifting with our consciousness… allowing enjoyable/pleasant feelings to arise without thinking about anything in particular…

Delta brainwave dominant: happens when one has entered deep sleep. Most people are not aware of this state. However, there are practices/skills that one can foster to enter this state consciously. Those include: Gentle Somatic Yoga® when we are in longer Body Scans/Savasana, biofeedback, and yoga nidra. 

In review of the nervous system: 

When we are in a Sympathetic Nervous System dominant state we are triggered into the stressful reflex to fight, freeze, or flee. This is due to the perception that our life is in danger (real or not). 

When we are in a Parasympathetic Nervous System dominant state we feel safe, calm, and receptive to learn something new. Also, when in this state we avoid overworking/overdoing and by doing so we restore the body (soma) into optimal states of health and wellbeing. This is the preferable state, and a natural byproduct, when practicing Gentle Somatic Yoga®. It ensures long lasting beneficial results! 

Remember, the beneficial effects are cumulative the more you practice. 

See our Tips and Guidelines to enhance your success.


Our holiday thank you gift continues…

We’re continuing our Holiday Offer from last week through December 5, 2020: Our self-paced ONLINE Level 1 and Level 2 Gentle Somatic Yoga & Wellness® course bundle. 

In the first course, entitled The Journey Begins, you will learn 25+ Somatic Movement Flows (SMFs), and the second course, The Journey Continues, adds an additional 28+ with a special focus on the energy body and emotions.

As mentioned above these Somatic Movement Flows are designed to go to the root cause of muscular pain & stiffness and unwind deep stress holding patterns within the body. For most, the results are immediate and include increased flexibility, strength, and better posture. Ultimately when the stress melts from your body it is replaced with an embodied sense of peace and well being. 

These courses are packed full of videos that offer step-by-step instructions, explain the neuroscience, and offer tips and guidelines. The materials contained are great for the every-day person wanting tools to self-heal, as well as for the seasoned yoga teacher or bodyworker.

Certification is optional and can be purchased after completion of each level and must be purchased for each level.

The combined price of both levels is normally $1290 and we offer the bundle for $995. 

We’re so thankful for your support and being a part of the Gentle Somatic family that we want to offer a holiday special of 50% off our bundle price of $995, bringing the price to $497.50 for Level 1 and 2 combined for a limited time for the holidays! Use the coupon code bundle at checkout to apply our holiday gift!

If you have any additional questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Click HERE.

Wishing you a joy-filled and stress-free holiday season!

James Knight, Founder of Gentle Somatic Yoga & Wellness

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