Gentle Somatic Yoga is a practice, and techniques such as meditation, body scans, and exploring movement with the eyes closed have been incorporated into it for the prospect of accepting and embodying the self completely. This is to connect, align, and balance all systems within the soma while deepening into a relationship with most sacred part of the Self. Yoga means Union.

Finding the Inner Yes is a way of making decisions that feel light and joyful. No matter the question, no matter the activity, there is the opportunity to check within to discover what the body is expressing about our choices. There is a certain quality associated with an Inner Yes that has been described variously as a softening, a lifting of vibration/frequency, a spaciousness, or even an effervescence felt from within. Begin to investigate what your Inner Yes feels like. Perhaps it’s a bodily sensation, such as “chills” or “goose bumps”.

This concept of the Inner Yes is intended to inspire you to use your body’s messages as the “inner GPS”. Where is your true north, i.e. your inner guiding light? Get to know yourself. Take this moment as an opportunity to begin by reviewing your body posture. Is your body comfortable? If not, make slight adjustments to see if you can find more of that place where it just feels easy, or easier. The point being that from our Inner Yes we can make decisions that are generative, and through this process we come back into soul alignment. When all of the bodies – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, which are all within our energy field – come together into coherency, that is the Inner Yes. It’s unmistakable.

In contrast, an Inner No might feel like tightness, tension, heaviness, hesitation, strain, or even a constriction or contraction felt from within, which the body then expresses as stress. These are signs that provide an opportunity to take an inner inventory and ask oneself, “What is this? What is going on? Somewhere in my system I’m not in alignment with this.” It may be just a quick decision to return to alignment at that point.

There is a signature experience of the Inner Yes in Gentle Somatic Yoga that is beautiful, exquisite, and undeniable. You can observe it in the contrast before and during a class. Before the class begins students are excitable as they find their places, and the energy is somewhat less coherent; then, after one or two Somatic Movement Flows, body scans, and meditations there is a sense of the individual somas connecting into a collective soma. By the last class meditation there is a palpable peace that has settled into the group. This is representative of our natural state, to embody peace and well-being.

The body is always the barometer of our Inner Yes, at that point where our energetic field reaches coherency and we are free. Thus, rather than something we search for outside our self, finding the Inner Yes is a matter of returning to our true nature by going within to remember who we are at our essence. It’s the place of our Inner Knowing. The Inner Yes is a place of self-love, and once we have found it, everyone in our world benefits.

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